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If you’re taking the Summer Quarter class with , Avram Gonzales and Marcelle Allen. Please introduce yourself. Write a comment below with a few interesting things about you and a link to your blog or business page.

Cheers to a profitable summer of blogging!

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Cali girl living the dream. I run a social media management company, thrive off learning new things and enjoy photography! Fresh markets make me happy and so helping others achieve their dreams.

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  • Dreamosity

    I'll go first ;) I decided to partner with Cory and Avram because they know they're stuff, they're taking massive action and they get results. I love getting results and figuring things out. I've got a few blogs I'm building right now, my favorite is Dreamosity @ which was started for fun & to learn and share. As I build various brands online I'm always tweaking and finding new ways to update to my portfolio (, and, it's a process and it pays to take action and not just sit around and watch others. I'm excited to be a part of this class and eager to learn from you =)

  • Bob Patenaude

    This is sure to be a wonderfully rewarding course for everyone participating week to week and for those who purchase the final product. Watching a new blog being developed right before my eyes gives me the knowledge and confidence to dig into the back office of my blog at and make the tweaks necessary for it to have reach and effectiveness.

    I can't give enough praise to Cory, Avram and Marcelle for taking on this project. They are masters at their craft and provide tremendous value to their students. Thank you very much, each of you.

  • rebeccahappy

    The inside blogging basics that I saw Cory doing during a webinar Avram had me invited to made me decide to sign up for his course. I have been working in the charitable sector for 20 years with people with developmental disability networking and building community. For the past 2 years I have been training and mentored by the world's top social media marketing/internet marketers. Setting up my blog and developing my HUB is the final piece….

  • Dreamosity Always make sure to test our active links. Rebecca your …'s got in the way of the live url. I love that you're “the connector gal”- I love connecting people too. Have you read the Tipping Point?

  • Avram

    I jumped into Social Media head first (January 1st) this year with my video blog InspirACTION While I've experienced tremendous growth and success with my blog, I spent months putting in all the work and never actually getting paid! I met who's completed that piece of the puzzle, and it was obvious with his knack for internet entrepreneurship, and my keen sense of networking and video marketing - we'd be an incredible team! Couple these talents with that of Marcelle and some others within the course… and it starts to get a little crazy ;)

    We started this coaching program because we know that while we're not the “Gurus” of this industry, we do know a hell of a lot that people are just clueless about. We know we've got great stuff to share and pass along, and this has become a great place to do it :)

    Happy to have so many great students and excited to see where we will all end up after the course has been completed!

  • Shannon

    As a beginner Blogger, with no internet marketing experience OR intention to even become an internet entrepreneur…I am so grateful to have met and his amazing team who inspired me to get my passions online, deliver valuable content I love and cash in on it! What a concept!

    This coaching program is awesome, and I’m so impressed by how much I have learned in such a short time, at a non-overwhelming pace. Building my blog simultaneously with the coaching webinars really makes the information concrete. I now have the exposure for my brand that’s ideal and I’m having fun :)

    Cory, Marcelle, Avram…you are on your way to being Guru’s! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  • Dreamosity

    Shannon! You’ve got your blog up now… It’s looking wonderful… feel free to link us when you’re ready to share with the world (I think you’re ready if you do)…

  • Dreamosity

    Bob =) It’s such a pleasure having you in class and I’m so thankful you’re taking the time to truly build your blog. I’m so excited to check out Cabo soon, I’ve haven’t been yet! ~ Marcelle

  • Dreamosity

    Avram I love working with you and I love introducing new people to the idea of INSPIRACTION —- =D You’re blog really is making a difference in peoples lives & it keeps us coming back for more!!

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