What do you mean I have to Optimize it too?! $#@!

SEO, SMO, BO, what the heck do all these abbreviations mean?

In the world of Internet Marketing and branding your business, you’ll hear a few terms based around “optimization.”

It’s important for you to know the differences so that you can optimize your optimization of your online presence fully.

search engine results e1309128875602 What do you mean I have to Optimize it too?! $#@! SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how well your website / blog / article / personal profiles show up in search engine results (such as Google, Yahoo & Bing) for specific terms.

The more optimized your website is the better!

With proper SEO, content becomes more attractive, relevant and visible to search engines as well as web searchers. Your goal is for your content to come up as results for terms that your prospective customers would search for.

The goal is for your website to appear on the first page of the search results each time a web searcher punches in a search term that’s relevant to your website.

Here is are an example of our Search Engine Optimization and front page results:


SMO or Social Media Optimization is how well your business and / or personal profile come up in Social Media search results. In SMO, you are utilizing social media activity in order to attract visitors to your website.  SMO is related to SEO but they are quite different due to the method of driving traffic, and the way the sites are used. As an added perk, you can expect your website to increase in search ranking if you are successful with your SMO.

building a brand online facebook What do you mean I have to Optimize it too?! $#@!

SMO is a great and affordable way for you to globalize your brand.

Examples of SMO:  ​

  • Having your post on Facebook showing up in the “top news section.”
  • Having your tweets, RT & trend on Twitter.
  • Having a Facebook fan page / campaign with lots of fans engaging.
  • Uploading your Photos and adding the appropriate tags.
  • Including “Follow Us” or “Like Us” in your email message and blog entries.
  • Receiving high amounts of viral traffic.


BO is Brand Optimization - Your Website, Facebook fan page, site designs, all help your brand look professional and clean online.

It is all about building a brand that resonates with your visitors and leave a strong impression.  Become Rememberable…

If it’s an online business, your online image will be your most valuable asset.

If you have an offline business, your online image will surely help you drive in new business too.

Establish your brand and make them uniform.

You can customize and optimize the look of your brand though your:

  • Custom Logo.
  • Twitter background.
  • Facebook Profile Picture, Photostrip & Welcome Tab.
  • Youtube Background.
  • Blog layout, header, and design.
  • Product designs.
  • Sales & Article copy.


Get all of these three (SEO, SMO, BO) working in flow and you can expect your online presence to be all over the place!  This means online users will be able to find you more easily and this can only mean one thing: increased sales for you!

And with Mobile browsing and networking becoming easier and easier, people can even find your business while on the move.

Here’s a quick reminder:

  • With SEO - You’re using strategies that best utilize the search engines algorithms.
  • SMO - Focuses on using “secret formulas” to get your brand in the face of active social network users.
  • BO - Is all about looking good!    While SEO & SMO brings the traffic to your brand, Brand Optimization keeps them there and makes Your Business Look Good.

To  attend a complementary webinar on proper brand design optimization click here!!

Remember your customers are going to be Googling you too!

lego icon e1309128761152 What do you mean I have to Optimize it too?! $#@!

So what does your search results look like?

Do you come up for your own name?

Do pictures of you come up with your search?

Can people get to your blog through key search terms too?

Does your site and fan pages look good when potential customers arrive!!


Comment below and let’s hear your favorite optimization tips!!

Best commenter can come back and do a featured guest post too!

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