The URL Building A brand online was initially purchased because it was a SEO keyword rich domain name, and saw the potential of teaching a course on this topic.

The idea grew into an online virtual classroom where business owners and bloggers could actually see a blog built from scratch. Yes, this blog your reading from was an online case study. It’s turned into a 12 week course where students could learn exactly how to leverage and maneuver wordpress, learn some of the best syndication techniques along with many other topics around building a brand online.

the mind behind the course continues to ‘WOW” his students, showing them special ways to expand their business online via the use of a blog, video and facebook groups. He teaches how to take your passion, generate compelling content  and ways to monetize your site.

The 12 week course completed in December of 2019 and the site continues to be a source of content, collaboration and readers are given the opportunity to participate in our quarterly link roundups.

Feel free to have a poke around, or join in any of our courses. We are always open to collaborating with those building a brand online.

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