7 Essential Money-Making Facebook Features for 2011 (And They’re Not What You Think)

As you can probably tell Facebook has been going through a major overhaul through the last several months.

This has led to a radical change in the way you can market your business through Facebook, as well as exponentially increasing the opportunity to market your business at the same time.

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Our team will be showcasing some of these new aspects of facebook and how it applies to marketing your business / brand name.

This includes the following 7 features that are absolutely essential to making money with your business that we will review during the webinar:

1. The Facebook Banner Strip at the top of everyone’s personal and business page… and what to do about the fact that Fan Page Banners are not static.

2.  The ability to use Facebook as a page, and how to use a public figure page to really grow your business online.

3.  The ability to link your new Facebook profile to your Fanpage as an Employer… and then link to your website too.

4.  You can now traceback how your friendships started with forgotten Facebook friends.   hmmm where did we meet again?!  Oh Facebook knows!
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5.  Want to post on your Fan / Like / Business page as your personal profile?  Yeah… we know how to do that too!

6.  Facebook Groups - Please tell us you’re using them already!  If not, we have your solution!

7.  Customize that News Feed to Feed you the right content so you are ALWAYS in the know.

If you are using social media for your business or looking to make money on the hottest trend, (Facebook has 550 Million+ Users!)  then you require the right know-how to leverage the opportunity. It only takes a little knowledge to make a big difference in your income, your business and your life… PLUS it’s a lot of fun!

We’re going to do a complementary webinar for anyone who wants

Our webinar maxes out at 100 attendes, so be tuned in early if you don’t want to miss a thing:

Why a webinar?!  Because we couldn’t possibly convey all of this information correctly through a simple blog post.  On the webinar we will!

We’re going webinar CRAZY!

Register for 1 or more webinars below

red animated 7 Essential Money Making Facebook Features for 2011 (And Theyre Not What You Think)

  • Tuesday, Mar 8, 2011 8:00 PM - 9:25 PM EST - Sorry you missed out!

We’ll see you on the webinars!

Got a question you want answered during the webinars?  Leave it here as a comment.

Got a Feature to add to the list?  We’d love to hear yours…  Leave it as a coment too.

BONUS: Essential #8 - NEW Facebook Comments:

Test them out below by leaving your comments:

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