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INFOGRAPHIC: Your Facebook Timeline is like a Storefront

Collectively our team admins dozens of pages totaling over 100,000 fans across Facebook! Some are popular, some are on their way. When Facebook launched Timeline a few months ago ...
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Copyright and Photo Use when Building A Brand Online.

Social media is a great place to share your life, your dreams, your thoughts and your business. You can make new friends and reconnect with old ones. The dark side (because we always ...

@Statigram and what it can do for Your Brand and @Instagram Account

This is for all the instagrammer’s out there! If your not using Instagram yet, you may want to think again. If you’ve been using Statigram for months already - why ...
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Themespiration: How To Find The Perfect Theme Everytime

This post will talk you through exactly how to find the perfect theme for your own site or for your clients’ sites every single time, and have FUN doing it. My inspiration for ...

WP Button Factory Review

I normally include both benefits and critiques when writing a product review, but I have a hard time coming up with any critiques for the WP Button Factory Review. The WP Button Factory ...
Guest blog post allow you to attract raving fans

Top 7 Reasons to Write a Guest Post for Building a Brand Online

As a blogger in the self-improvement niche, I produce content (interviews, videos, and articles) for my own website, where you can learn how to earn all you can and ...

5 Professional WordPress Themes.

You can only make a first impression once… so make it a great one. When Building a Brand Online, the appearance of your WordPress blog will make a difference on how your site’s ...
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Why You should Compete in Contests. 3 Reasons Why Contests are for Winners.

“Avian, why the heck should I compete in contests anyways?” Because I always lost! Until I ran into , and Avram Gonzales from Building A Brand Online. I heard ...
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Top Components You’ll Need to Create a Social Media PR Launch

Using a well developed online social media campaign effectively is the best way to get people to like your company’s brand and come back for more. Because Facebook is now driving ...
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Why Branding is Vital to the Success of Your Online Business

Marketing experts may know about creating the best message offline but that doesn’t always translate into an effective message online. Offline and online marketing work differently. Online ...

Getting The Best Theme For Your WordPress Blog

So you got your WordPress Blog setup (if you don’t, you must!) … now you want to design it on an attractive, easy-to-navigate, and easy-to-use platform. You want to choose ...