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I normally include both benefits and critiques when writing a product review, but I have a hard time coming up with any critiques for the WP Button Factory Review.

The WP Button Factory is a brand new WordPress plugin that creates buttons for your site and seamlessly integrates them with your PayPal account… without the need to create your own custom graphics, upload anything, or code anything… ever.

I’ve sold a few things online, and I’ve helped my clients sell a LOT of their products and services online.

I own a bunch of custom graphics packs with Add To Cart buttons, Subscribe Buttons, Download buttons, etc. I’ve probably spent well over a hundred dollars on these graphics, and certainly spent a lot more than that in time finding the right button, uploading it, linking it to PayPal, and fixing the link when it breaks in the visual editor (happens all the time!).

Within a few minutes of playing around with the WP Button Factory (also known as just Buttoner) I was able to quickly set up a bunch of buttons that are automatically linked to my PayPal account, including subscription buttons, automatic product creation, and more… without even having to login into PayPal to set up the products and get the button/subscribe code.

Not only that, but I can switch out the buttons within seconds to any style with about one thousand different buttons to pick from. I don’t have one thousand buttons on my computer… even after buying hundreds of dollar of graphics packs for myself and my clients.

Here’s what it looks like when you go to add your buttons:

Screen Shot 2012 04 15 at 4.26.46 AM WP Button Factory Review

As you can see, a huge variety of buttons are included from call-to-action buttons to marketing buttons to social media buttons to navigation buttons and more. Each category comes with a huge variety of colors and wording, so you always have a button to match your brand and particular offer.

I am having a really tough time writing a review of the WP Button Factory… because I just feel like I’m naturally writing a sales letter. I can’t help it. It’s just that good and I truly believe that anyone selling anything online should be using this plugin.

Also, , the founder of this site Building A Brand Online, is part of this product launch.

Cory only stands behind the best stuff - and he wouldn’t co-create something for his community unless it was totally awesome, which WP Button Factory is. On that note, I’m really excited for this site’s new design and honored to be posting a new article here as the site relaunches itself into a thriving community.

What can you use WP Button Factory for?

  • Bold Call To Actions
  • Submit Buttons for forms and optins
  • Link To Affiliate Offers
  • Link To Your Own Offers
  • Save Time With Setup of PayPal products and buttons
  • A Huge Variety of Graphics for Your Existing and Future buttons
  • Social Media Managers can install these on their clients’ sites (no technical skills necessary)
  • Web Designers can help their clients have better converting pages
  • Quickly build a sales letter within your existing site
  • Virtually anything else that requires a click (not just a purchase!)

Here’s a sample of what some of the buttons look like (and you can click any of them to learn more about the plugin)…

[qbt-button image="marketing@@act-now@@001.png" align="center" width="398px" type="link" url="http://dmitriykozlov.com/buttons" target="_blank"]

[qbt-button image="marketing@@get-instant-access@@getInstantAccess_Black (2).gif" align="center" width="500px" type="link" url="http://dmitriykozlov.com/buttons" target="_blank"]

[qbt-button image="social@@networks@@apple.png" align="center" width="150px" type="link" url="http://dmitriykozlov.com/buttons" target="_blank"]

[qbt-button image="social@@share@@share (2).png" align="center" width="400px" type="link" url="http://dmitriykozlov.com/buttons" target="_blank"]

[qbt-button image="marketing@@join-now@@joinNow_Green (2).png" align="center" width="500px" type="link" url="http://dmitriykozlov.com/buttons" target="_blank"]

[qbt-button image="navigation@@mapping@@locate.png" align="center" width="300px" type="link" url="http://dmitriykozlov.com/buttons" target="_blank"]

But keep in mind there about a thousand button options, and you can even get a lot more custom buttons for a few extra bucks.

I have to disclose, this is an affiliate link for the plugin, and I wrote this WP Button Factory Review because I want to get this plugin out to as many people as possible who need it. I just know it will save you hours of valuable time and will help you make more money… and if you have clients, they will love you for it (the above link allows you to get a developers license for a limited time, so you can use it on as many sites as you’d like) … and I’m sure you’ll thank me for it icon wink WP Button Factory Review

If you have WP Button Factory and like it, or get it as a result of this review, please comment below!

Oh and in case you’re wondering how much it costs… it’s less than lunch. $9 - $23, depending on how quickly you get to the page. It’s literally rising every few minutes.

So if you don’t have it yet, get it here:

[qbt-button image="marketing@@add-to-cart@@addToCart_Blue (2).gif" align="center" width="500px" type="link" url="http://dmitriykozlov.com/buttons" target="_blank"]




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