Your Social Media Questions Answered.

question2 724662 240x300 Your Social Media Questions Answered.

This blog post is actually a webinar recording of a our follow up to the 35 plus comments to our recent blog post.

In this post we asked our readers, “What is your biggest frustration in social media today?”

We got a lot of great responses , and answered as many as possible during a webinar.  There was so many question’s we actually had to extend the webinar by 30 minutes.   Good questions = Good bonuses.

You can view our original blog post, and all the comments here:

Remember to like the page too, so that we can do more contests in the future.

This following video contains all the footage from the webinar:

All your social media questions answered one by one and a description of our powerful coaching program.

We still have 2 Spots left for our Coaching program mentioned in the video, you can learn more about that program here:

Coaching Overview + Over 1 hour of Bonus training.

Who do you feel used the most effort in creating their response to our question?

Leave your comments below, and help us pick a $100 winner!

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I’m a full time Internet Entrepreneur, who also trains and develops other Entrepreneurs. I love it. I have found that it takes 3 key factors to succeed online; Passion, Content, and Profits. Master all 3 areas and you will be able to Build Your Brand Online.

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  • Dmitriy Kozlov

    Of course, Avian Morales with his video response put in the most effort and had the best post!

  • Roy Kalmanovich

    Avian for the win! Great effort and awesome tune. Way to tie everything together.

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  • Bob Patenaude

    Great webinar guys, my brain-storm-o-meter went TILT. Why is it the more I learn, the more I still need to learn? Glad that BaBO is on my team.

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