Building A Brand Online March Link Roundup

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in on our 2nd link round up! We tried something different this time - we didn’t put the names of the writer, just the title to help give our new bloggers an equal shot. Check them all out, check out the ones that peak your interest - either way - let us know which you think  is most effective.


Organizing Your Social Life

So much to do say and find in social media! How do you find time for it all? Read this article to help organize your social media life.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Every good blog needs good plugins. Check out this top ten list and make sure you’ve got your site covered.

Tips to prevent your site from being hacked

Check out this essential post from the team and income diary about the things you could do to prevent your blog from being hacked. Make sure you set aside some time, there is a lot to implement - but all very important.

Virginia drug law and Marijuana law revealed & explained: Possession and Distribution

Ever wonder what the laws are in other states? Check out this detailed explanation of drug law in Virgina.

butterfly 150x150 Building A Brand Online March Link RoundupLove and gratitude through Photography

How do you best express love? Is it by writing, gifting, sharing experiences? Check out this beautiful expression of how to express gratitude through photography.

Testing a new Beta Site - “Storify”

Love stories? Check out this review to see if using Storify is something that could be beneficial for your business.

Is Your brand Media ready?

So many websites, so many messages. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, or overlooked. Check out this post to make sure your message is ready to be heard.

Is your blog making money? Turn traffic into profit

Make sure you’re leveraging all your traffic in order to be profitable online, check out this simple checklist to get you in a position of receiving.

How to plan and create a core wardrobe

Building a brand online isn’t just about blogging, sometimes our best opportunities come at live events. Check out this confidence-boosting wardrobe guide (you know, for all those public speaking engagements you’re about to book).

smMKTGpushpin 150x150 Building A Brand Online March Link Roundup50 Reasons Freelance writers should be using social media

Love to write? Still not convinced there is power in social media? Check out this post with an abundance of reasons to turn to social media to help build your career.

Get out of your comfort zone

Watch this inspiring video about overcoming public speaking fears and having major breakthroughs.

Business and friends - Do they mix?

We love our friends, we love our business - how can we best make them mix? or should we bother? Stop by this post and leave your 2 cents.

Our Video + Your Affiliate link = Cash Flow

If you’re not into video, check out this great offer on making an affiliate video where you can capitalize and not even have to be in the video. Cool concept for the camera shy.

Dreamosity Billboard 1 150x150 Building A Brand Online March Link RoundupWhat does your Online City look like?

The internet is like one giant playground - Or is it more of a city? Explore this expansive concept of how the internet is like for some, and how it could be.

Common Spelling and Grammar mistakes

Check in here to get a reminder of proper spelling and punctuation so your blog will always look sharp.

Act at the Speed of Instruction

If you’re going to learn something, you might as well implement it and fast. Don’t believe us, read this and then decide.


Thanks for checking out the round up this March =) We appreciate you and all the feedback you give to our participating bloggers.

Leave us a comment of which article you enjoyed most.

If you want to see last months link round up, click here.


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