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“What is your biggest Frustration in Social Media Today?”
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I’m a full time Internet Entrepreneur, who also trains and develops other Entrepreneurs. I love it. I have found that it takes 3 key factors to succeed online; Passion, Content, and Profits. Master all 3 areas and you will be able to Build Your Brand Online.

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  • Kristi Riley

    First off, let me just say it was an awesome video. To the point and you even used modern day words… like hundo.Nice! So what Is my biggest frustration with social media today?” I would have to say SPAM. Honestly, who loves spam? Yep, no one raised their hands. That’s cause it’s annoying. My worst experience I’ve had so far is with twitter. People following me that try to sell me everything under the sun. Why do people do such things to those not even in their nitch? It’s so unsettling!!!

  • Di

    My biggest frustration is understanding SEOing, what it is, what the search engines look for, how to integrate it into posts and tags, etc.


    Di Thank you for sharing!
    I wrote a blog post about this exact topic about 2 weeks ago. I feel like it would be a good starting point in helping you clear up your frustrations with SEO.
    Check it out -

  • Dmitriy Kozlov

    My biggest frustration in social media today is being able to make my brand truly stand out. I am developing a brand in the personal development industry, with a significant portion of my target audience being in the network marketing industry. The challenge is that there are many people building a similar brand in a similar market - it seems almost saturated, especially when looking from within. How do I make my brand stand out with authenticity?

  • Cheryl VanOrnum

    I think my biggest frustration is information overload. There is so much information out there about social media, seo, driving traffic, etc., that it can confuse many people.

    Great video btw. :o )

  • Sean Smith

    I’d say my biggest frustration with “social media” is the fact that many of my clients equate it to be just a place where high school and college kids hang out and do not place as much value on it as they should as part of their overall Internet Marketing Strategy.

    Business these days, no matter how great or small your business is has experienced a paradigm shift brought on by the Internet where it is quickly being realized how important it is to more intimately and directly connect with your existing and potential customers. Customer service has been outsourced for the sake of the bottom line and Social Media offers a way for businesses to not only bring customer service back in-house, but also take it to a whole new level in real-time.

    My frustration stems from the fact that very few people realize just how powerful Social Media can be and how it can positively impact your business. I’d say, I spend the majority of my time educating others on the value of Social Media prior to actually helping them implement a solid Social Media marketing plan.

    Keep up the good fight brotha!

  • Robin Thomas

    My largest frustration is feeling like I have social media ADD… I keep jumping from one platform to another. Right now I’m focusing on FB, Twitter, LinkedIN and blogging, and occasional bookmarking, but even that seems to stretch me too thin. What, in your opinion, is the best overall strategy for branding online?? Fan pages, profiles, tweeting, Oh my!

  • Samuel Pichardo

    Awesome stuff brother. Keep up the awesome work. We’ll keep in touch!

  • Rene De La Cruz

    My social media frustration comes from a variety of sources, but the one thing that just really frosts my donuts is the lack of social etiquette when entering a conversation in any social media platform. Example - a thread about the economy will be going strong, and someone with their business card will pull up a chair in your Facebook, Youtube or Twitter conversation and start selling their cheese, or jewelry or energy drink. They will disregard the host and the other participants in the conversation, simply to hand out their virtual business card, sell their product and annoy the living poop out of everybody in the conversation. That is my biggest frustration.

  • Cory Johnson

    Great job guys! My biggest frustration is analytics. I know what I am doing on FB/Twitter is expremely viral, but I don’t have a good system to track what is working and what’s a waste of time. Also, conversion, well, that’s probably my priority struggle :) I’d love to streamline everything and have a conversion strategy.

  • Mrtsgoblet

    We winnin that HUNDO Yo. Keep it real Fo Yo MAMMA

    Video Entry Below:

    Mr. T and Background Guy

  • Kristy Malmstrom Kleinert

    My mega-buster-biggest frustration with Social Media Marketing is….it looks exactly like Spam, smells exactly like spam, feels astonishingly close to Spam, sounds 100% like Spam. But…interestingly enough, it *tastes* just like roast beef. (Kosher) Therefore, I find it hard to dish on others’ plates.

  • Theresa Bailey

    Awesome video fellas and welcome to Cali!! My biggest frustration with social marketing to be honest is that I am in a position of spending BANK on a marketing firm to do the work for me. I realized I am far too busy with travel and the demands of my clients as well as my personal non profit endeavours to take the time to learn and do it myself. Social Media marketing is crucial to my business and everyday I spend attempting to learn it is an additional day of dis-ease. I prefer to sit back and let the pro’s who have been there and done that do it for me through collaboration of combined ideas. Enough about me and let’s get back to that “hundo”…I’m not picky when it comes to free denero however I prefer small bills…Stay cool and stay safe while enjoying the holiday weekend ♥

  • ThereseCat00

    Hi Robin, I think although you are motivated to learning most popular social media platforms, it becomes information overload, I found what i had to do is focus and learn on one social media platform at a time until you truly understood the functionality of that platform. How to brand yourself on that platform and get targeted followers and friends. Hope this may help.

  • ThereseCat00

    I think that my biggest frustrations on Social mediais developing a “presence” on all Social Media Platforms along with managing my time and productivity without getting distracted . There is an ocean of content and value on social media platforms and having a presence on social media is so vital to my business. Also trying to get my targeted market to go to my blog. Although most content on social media is very informative and interesting,I have to come up with a plan of focusing on one platform at a time. I have to admit facebook is huge.Thereare 5 billion minutes are spent on FB everday and there is 1 billion pieces of content on FB alone. . Thats alot of content! 500 million people are on facebook everday, Can you imagine what it is going to be like in 6 months!!. After saying all of my frustrations, I know my Biggest frustration is having a “Presence” on Social Media Platforms and Getting first page SEO rankings by using my time to the best of my ability with out losing my focus. II have a few more frustrations about Social Media Platforms, I will talk more about at another time. Thanks for letting me have a voice in this discussion.

  • Rudy Vasquez

    First off thank you guys for this opportunity. Second, I am in the network marketing industry, and my biggest frustration is coming up with different ways to bring a prospect from online to offline, such as getting them in the phone or even Skype. So my question would be what are different icebreakers you could use to start that initial conversation, and what could be the different ways to communicate more effectively outside of Facebook?

  • Jesslee1315

    I think the biggest frustration in Social Media today is forgetting the ability to be charming and brave in public. We are forgetting real social skills because of all the advanced technology and media. We isolate ourselves within facebook, text messaging, twitter, etc…

  • Anonymous

    Oh man! Mr T. You’re crazy! lol Good stuff man

  • diana m cook

    my frustration is…being a total newbie..what do I do first, second..and the line be a social media princess..i got the part of passion,,i got the part of content(well maybe not) and profits..well I am at the ground level..rising , rising, rising..thanks avram

  • Cade White

    my biggest frustration is i dont understand i to use scoial media in the correct manner … but this will help

  • David M.A.

    The biggest annoyance I have with social media is the reliance on new-age claptrap to explain things. The “Law of Attraction” isn’t a law!

  • Arthur Tubman

    Woah, these guys are kinda crazy… I would say my biggest frustration in Social Media is the number of people who just dont get it, playing mafia wars, farmville, and all the other apps that do absolutely nothing for you.


    They going to find you!

  • GutZy Woman

    I love social media but am amazed by how many people are so fearful about it. Many focus on all the stories of how people get into trouble using it or how it detracts from having real live relationships. Of course we can all site examples of the bad stuff…but I have seen miracles happen as a result of the opportunities the internet and especially social media allows.

    My frustration is the amount of time I can spend enjoying the interaction with those of like mind. I need another 14 hours in a day!

  • MatthewRoda

    Great Question! My biggest frustration in regards to Social Media is how to effectively manage all the different marketing venues and how to effectively intertwine different posts intended for different venues.

    One thing I LOVE about Social Media is the possibilities it brings with it =)

  • Steve

    Posted on my Facebook Wall 3:38 Satuday, September 4th. with Read This and Win $100 Link

    I suppose my biggest frustration is determining if my brand should get a total makeover. I’m not quite sure if “BigSteveLive” works anymore. I owned a company called Little Guys Advertising and Marketing in the mid nineties and I still owe the domains for LGAM. I’m thinking of resurrecting the name in light of all this…, “Big Guy”, “Big Person”, “Small Person” stuff with InspirACTION. I used to introduce myself as “I’m Steve from Little Guys Advertising and I’m the Little Guy”. This used to get them to chuckle because physically I’m in no way a “Little Guy” at that time I topped out at 350 lbs and I’m 6’4” tall. It was an Ice breaker. The other frustration is how to divide my time between the social networks and build a good looking site with relative content. Creating a better looking site would certianly be resolved by joining the Building Your Brand Online Coaching Program. Up to this point I’m totally self-taught with regards to WordPress making the learning curve pretty steep, joining the coaching program would solve that problem. I’m thinking Little Guys Advertising— could provide a way for other online small businesses to create Back links to their sites. The content side of the equation would be solved by business owners submitting their sites to Little Guys Advertising and the brand could become a source for the most creative Attraction Marketing on the Web. At this point I’m just thinking outloud. If I win the $100 it doesn’t have to even change hands. Forgivness you know what I mean.

  • Dreamosity

    My biggest frustration is also my biggest opportunity. Right now I want to help my local chamber of commerce and their 450 businesses transition to the wonderful world of social networking. Many of them have the old school websites where its only Business to Consumer & less than 20% have Facebook Fan Pages.

    I take for granted on Facebook & blogs that I have instant access to the person behind the brand. People talk back to me and I LOVE IT, collaboration happens faster than ever… conveying this message to the chamber & how customer retention is essential and easier than ever is my current focus, question and frustration.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help =) ~ Marcelle

  • Joshua Bevan Kennedy

    My biggest frustration in social media is getting over my own need for perfection.
    I need to learn that good enough is good enough. Everything doesn’t need to be exactly right before I “start” I know that I have great ideas, I can create great content, and I will make a huge contribution with it.
    The only thing stopping me is me.

  • Bob Patenaude

    Exciting topic guys, we’re cutting to the chase now. Referring to the hub and spoke concept of social media marketing, I’d say my biggest frustration is how do you keep all the social plates spinning at the same time, driving traffic & prospects back to your blog, where the sale should be taking place?

    Add to that, how do you make it look simple on main street, where most of your prospects still reside, using e-mail or search engines at most? Thanks for this great topic on BaBO.

  • Leonard S. Abreu

    There is SO MANY that it’s depleting the true essence of human connection. Thus, causing a new era of disconnect in a “real” world due to the “virtual” world we are creating.

  • Jake Welch

    When it comes to social media, I’m pretty sure we all share the same frustration in that it there so much clutter and lack of focus. It seems to me that business, large or small, at one point had a meeting where someone said, “Hey, that social media stuff. We should be doing that.” So they get a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and a makeshift blog site. After those things are up and running they just kind of throw content up on each medium that’s not coordinated or even relevant. Social media is a powerful medium but only if you are able to interact with your consumer. Too often brands assume that people will “follow” or “like” them just because they exist. They completely take the social out of social media by having zero interest in the consumer.

  • Anonymous

    One of my biggest frustrations in social media today is not with social media itself but with people who don’t appreciate the value and the great potential it can bring for their personal branding and businesses. Then you have others who don’t even spend quality time to learn the proper way of using social media and instated of that, they are busy spamming and learning short cuts and sneaky tricks like bots etc… to get your attention!

  • Anonymous

    I think the biggest frustration with Social Media is the ability to use our time efficiently and be able to get the desired results. Although everyone has their own methods when using social media sites and promoting their services and such, I feel that there could be more time-saving tools available in order to more efficiently execute our social media campaigns and still get a decent ROI.

  • CorpEnergy2010

    The biggest problem with social media is that there are so many spammers out there. The real trick I believe is to make the masses that use social media to build a brand or to brand themselves need to focus on posting consistent, relevant information/data. If this can be taken care of, everyone will be able to excel at social media as the masses won’t be spamming so much and messing up OUR marketing!

  • Avian Fame Morales

    I believe there are so many avenues one can take to be successful in Social Media, and one of the biggest frustrations is taking one avenue and running with it until you can crush it big enough to master a new technique. I come across avenues each and every day, and it’s tough especially being young taking the best route. I think that’s what’s stopping young entrepreneurs from seeing success more efficiently, and a bit quicker. If there was one avenue people would stick to it, commit, and crush it. Because there are so many avenues the success rate is higher, but it leaves people confused. Why confused? Well they can go this way or that way, and sometimes they don’t make a move because sometimes the only thing stopping people is the first step. So I believe one of the biggest frustrations is having so many avenues to take to see success, because although it can skyrocket your business it can also destroy it if you don’t take that first step that’s needed to see any type of success. :)

  • Connectwithdebbie

    Not knowing what to do to get more fans is most frustrating to me.

  • Avian Fame Morales

    Haha! It’s sad….They sell farmville gift cards at the grocery store now.


    The best thing to do Sean would be to show a customer a case study to validate why social works:
    Thanks Sean!

  • Avian Fame Morales

    Video response to above comment.

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  • Thomas O’Hearn

    Hey, if you’d ever like to offer a sort’ve ‘demo copy’ or trial run, we have a travel blog company that we think would be a great fit! We were just featured on Killer Startups too.

    All the best, you have a great resource here in a pretty deep topic area!

  • Kenny Johnson

    My biggest frustration with social media is that it changes so rapidly that you are constantly having to learn new things. Not saying that it is not good to adapt, but nobody likes constant change and with the speed of new technology, I can only see it getting worse.

  • SuccessMan

    My biggest frustration is that there aren’t enough people like Avram on facebook. I like getting free AYCE sushi. Please pick me! :D

  • Avram


  • Shea Reinke

    It annoys me that I can’t forward a facebook content item to someone. Its one of those “I know why it doesn’t exist - it hasn’t been made” and that is what is the most frustrating about social media. Its still forming so there are countless little “missing pieces” that I expect to be there and then … they arn’t.


    Shea, simply take a screen shot of the “content item” using a program such as jing ( and post it on anothers wall. If I understand your frustration, this should help.

  • Lark Miller

    Social media is ALWAYS changing and updating :) There is always something new to learn and you really need to know your social media marketing in order to be successful with it!

    It’s tough to keep up but I love taking on a challenge. !!

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  • Greg Waller

    @ Dmitriy Kozlov -

    Being a leader in an MLM that has created more cash millionaires than Micro-Soft & Google, that is 1 of 6 companies ever to hit a billion a year in distribution on the NYSE I’ll share my perspective with you.

    We have coaches and leaders in our business’s that are 30, 40 & $50M plus earners….I would recommend picking a company that has the 5 components of business success you look for in an MLM & join it, learn their system and become successful.

    I see people in coaching, social web promotion and branding etc….None of them are creating residual income at high levels, it’s mostly linear income (No Leverage).

    They have no patents and therefor compete on price and services.

    Always remember if you can’t patented it your in a constant state of chasing & competing.

    In our business people follow the leaders and especially the leaders that have done it or are doing it.

    We use the : Who, What & How method…. Who’s done it? What did they have to do? and How did they do it? If someone can’t show you how to specially how to make $500K a year in residual in less than 10 years walk away….no run !

    Much Success !
    Greg Waller

  • Tashahurvy

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  • Wincontestfree

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  • Gorey Peter

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  • Angelapowiro

    biggest frustation is they keep making same messages from time to time…like using ideal image of a slim woman as performance. Then playing around with image of a fat person. Old same messages from time to time….!

  • laurel

    my biggest frustration in the social media is people being bias. It is very unfair, and outrageous. when people want to see news, they want to hear the straighup facts. but no. the news channels have to put their opinion in. the word news means what happening basically, and it should NOT be bias. I hope you can agree,

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