Why You should Compete in Contests. 3 Reasons Why Contests are for Winners.

contests Why You should Compete in Contests. 3 Reasons Why Contests are for Winners.

“Avian, why the heck should I compete in contests anyways?”

Because I always lost! Until I ran into , and Avram Gonzales from Building A Brand Online. I heard they were hosting a webinar titled, “What’s Your Biggest Frustration In Social Media.” I answered, because it was a no brainer. I stepped out of the box, and did a video for the webinar.

The person with the best answer would win a special prize  from Cory and Avram…Did I think I would win? Um….Not at all.

BUT….I WON!….So I got to thinking, and I came up with 3 Reasons why people should enter and compete in contests, and why winners are the one’s who do.

  1. You have the possibility of winning.
  2. You have the possibility of winning.
  3. If you don’t win, you can still build your brand and WIN.

See What I Won Below icon smile Why You should Compete in Contests. 3 Reasons Why Contests are for Winners.

So the next time someone asks if you’d like to enter a contest what will your answer be? Absolutely!
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I'm Avian Fame Morales. I love helping others create the success they deserve in life. I love network marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, and enjoying the world around me. My current focus is on social media, and personal development. I am obsessed with reading, love cinnamon toast crunch, wear vibrams, watch space cases(old school nick) and have a super cool...super nova girlfriend.

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  • Anonymous

    Great post Avian. The best part you get the opportunity to build your brand :)

  • http://mandeewidrick.com Mandee Widrick

    Congrats on your $100 win, Avian!

    I enter every single contest I can find time for. In the past year, I’ve won a $120 riding helmet, an iPad, and a Nexus One phone. I sold the latter two and pocketed the cash. I needed the riding helmet so I kept it lol. Pretty neat, huh?

    I’m also currently competing to win a $1,000 business grant for my new biz, ChargedUp Media. I made the semi-finalist top 40 stage out of nearly a thousand entries, and just two I received notification that I had been voted up to the final 5 finalists. I love it!


    P.S. Voting for the $1,000 biz grant opens back up on November 8th, I’d definitely appreciate your vote. Stop my fan page after the 8th for the link: http://facebook.com/mandeewidrickfan

  • http://www.twitter.com/rebeccahappy rebeccahappy

    Those are 3 great reasons. |I am in a contest right now and one friend said he doesn’t like to promote others so would not do it. I found that a funny response. Promoting others never takes away from you. Winning is always a possibility and if the prizes are great then why not!


  • http://AvramGonzales.com/ Avram

    I’ll be the first to say here that Avian’s rap video was the bomb! Hmmm… now where is that link?!

    We should embed it into this page!


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