Top 20 Plugins to Install on your WordPress Blog

There are currently over 10,000 free pluggins avaiable for wordpress, and even more when you include premium paid plugins.

How do you know which ones you should be installing into your blog?

We’ve complied this list in order to help you have the highest functioning blog possible.

In no particular order, here are the top 20 plugins to install on your Blog:
  1. Pretty Links - Link shortener, ex.
  2. Digg Digg - Adds the cool Share and Tweet button, to your site.  (look on the right of this article) With Digg Digg you can pick over a dozen sites to link to your article from within this one plugin.digg digg Top 20 Plugins to Install on your Wordpress Blog

  3. Ultimate Google Analytics - Use this plugin to link your google analytics account to your blog.  Just copy and paste your UA code.
  4. Platinum SEO Pack - Quickly add Meta tags, keywords, and descriptions to your blog posts.platinum SEO Top 20 Plugins to Install on your Wordpress Blog
  5. Facebook Like Box - Got a Fan/ Like page for your business?  Show it off on the sidebar with this plugin.
  6. Contact Form 7 - Create a simple (or complicated) contact form, and make it easy for your readers to contact you.
  7. Disqus Comment System - You can find it at the bottom of this article.  Disqus is our prefer program for commenting
  8. WP Super Edit - Make WordPress more like a word processing program.  With this plugin you can change fonts, font sizes, and have advanced image and linking options.  Great plugin.
  9. WP Super Cache - Helps your blog load up quicker to repeat viewers of your site.
  10. Google XML Sitemaps - Creates sitemaps for your site, which allows google’s SEO robots to link your site to google search quickly and easy.  Just set it and forget it.
  11. Shockingly Simple Favicon - Helps you upload an image and change your favicon.favicon Top 20 Plugins to Install on your Wordpress Blog
  12. cbnet Ping Optimizer - Sends your blog updates to News sites with information on your RSS feed updates.
  13. Exclude Pages (from Navigation) - Want to create a secret page on your blog?  Want to create a special offer that requires a hidden link to access?  Then this is your plugin.
  14. SEO Friendly Images - Helps your image posts show up in online image searches.
  15. WP Auto Tagger - This plugin searches your blog posts for keywords to be used in SEO and META tags.
  16. Facebook Like Button Plugin - Click the like button on this page, and you will be able to recommend this article to your friends.   Your readers will do the same on your sites.
  17. SexyBookmarks - Check out the share an enjoy images below.  You can pick over 50 sites to link your blog to and share.
  18. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin - Links articles on your blog together which leads to longer viewer-ship times on your blog.
    3plugins  Top 20 Plugins to Install on your Wordpress Blog
  19. WP Greet box - This plugin adds a cool welcome box at the top of your blog posts to new readers.
  20. WP125 - Helps you track and manage 125×125 advertisements on your website.

Comment below and tell us your favorite wordpress plugins.  Which ones did we leave out?  How would you rank them in importance?

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  • rebeccahappy

    Thanks so much for posting the list here Cory…and thanks for fixing the bugs in my site…

  • CoachJaneLee

    Hi Cory

    There are just so many plugins and they just keeping adding more. Out of the 20 listed. I have about 1/2 of them, and will add the other 1/2. Some of them need to be upgraded like the Platinum SEO Pack. Thanks Cory.

  • Rick Salas

    Hey Cory, this info is great. I'm going to go through it and take a closer look. I have a few of them but thanks. Great post!

  • Arthur Tubman

    Great Job with this list Cory.



  • Sam

    These plugins all rock!thanks guys.

  • Ryan

    Admin Favicon does nothing besides add a Favicon to “admin” pages, which isn't really beneficial in any way.

  • Tom DeMattia

    Cory you nailed it!


    Thanks Tom!


    Hey Sorry Ryan, for some reason that plugin also changed the Favicon on one of my sites too. However just do a quick look in plugins for Favicon and pick out your favorite.…

  • Sampichardo

    This is ridiculously awesome stuff brother!

  • Dreamosity

    WOW! I Just installed all these on a new blog…. Thanks for having this list!!!

  • Ryan Freed

    Great post my friends! I have a lot of these and use different versions of others. Great jumping off point for everyone.

  • Julie

    I can’t figure out how to find and install these plugins on my wordpress page. I’m sure it’s probably easy and I’m just missing something, but if someone could give me some guidance I’d sure appreciate it. :)



      Are you on a blog?

  • Dreamosity

    and again =) Isn’t there a way to do them all at once if You’re doing the same 20 actions on multiple blogs?


      yes. Uploading the pluggin files via an ftp program such as filezilla.

  • Joshua Bevan Kennedy

    Awesome list. I’m installing a few tonight!

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  • Rudy Vasquez

    I just did a version of what I htink are some of the best plugins, wish I would have seen this article for better references. Thanks for the info it was very helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Cory, I really appreciate you sharing this one. It helps me break down which plugin does what, and now when I see them in the back office I am able to explain them better to a potential wordpress user. Very user friendly, and if a person takes note it can really help their business land on google’s first page for FREE! Awesome work.

    Passionate About Personal Development,

    Avian Fame Morales

  • Angela Johnson

    how about WPTouch? I like that one :)


      I’ve never used / tried it. What do you like best about WPTouch?

  • Peter L Masters MCIM

    This is great! A big help and all done in just a few minutes!


      thanks peter

  • Chris_PassionToAchieve

    Wow what a list Cory! My blog is currently missing only a couple of these, but mannnnn it I sure would have been nice to have this list like 9 months ago when I first started blogging!!!


      Yeh dude, this post has made its rounds online. I originally just made it
      for myself so that I wouldn’t forget all the plugins I installed in a fresh

  • jeremymandile

    Cory Rocks!!

  • Kent

    I have recently started as an internet marketer and found this article very helpful. These plugins will make a big difference as to the success of my blog. Great information.

  • Gemma_mondragon

    This absolutely a good help…

  • Semidoppel

    Thanks for sharing this..will try some of them

  • Purna

    Hi Cory, The information you provided is awesome and very useful to use on WP. Thank you for providing such a great info.  Digg Digg is my favourite plugin. All the plugins shown here are very important. I have come across a new plugin just released which helps to write unlimited sales letters in WP. I found it through this link here >>>

  • Klaudia

    I’m just moving my blog from to - so thank you so much for that post! great source of info!

  • Klaudia

    I’m just moving my blog from to - so thank you so much for that post! great source of info!

  • Kerry Beare

    I thought this was a great reference list and some good pointers.  I will be adding a few that I know will be helpful that I havent used yet.  Thanks for the tips.  I will be using these on my small business websites for my clients websites. 

  • Antonios

    Gets us part-time entrepreuneurs anxious.

    There are so many things to learn, and to plug in to one sites.

    Its time consuming if one cannot outsource.Sincerely,Antonios

  • Jesse

    I’ve just learned how important it is to keep your plugins up to date. Thanks Cory.

    • Jesse

      Should add: and have the correct ones!

  • Thomas Winegard

    Hey just wondering what plugin you used for the social media slide out buttons to the right of your sidebar! would love to implement this on my blog!

  • William James

    Hi Cory, Thanks a LOT for providing such a great list of plugins. This was just what I had been looking for. Brilliant blog post!

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