3 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website or online business. Without it, building a list, getting people acquinted with your offering, and ultimately selling your product or service becomes extremely difficult.

The following is a list of three easy methods to increase traffic to your website. They are the most quick, effective and simple ways to do so. While you may have already heard of some of these traffic techniques, I’m going to help you get creative and take you step-by-step through the important points that are typically glazed over.

Link Roundups

Link Roundups can bring 100′s of extra visitors by getting your existing or newly created blog posts published in their blog. Here’s an example of a link roundup. I’ve only recently discovered this method and its perfect when you’re looking to build traffic from sources and markets you’ve previously untapped.

So how do you find these link roundups to help syndicate your content? Consult the almighty Google of course! You can easily find link roundups by typing in search terms such as:RoundUp 207x300 3 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

  • “Daily Link Roundup”
  • “Weekly Link Roundup”
  • “Monday Link Roundup”

You’re going to find a lot of roundups that may not be associated with your niche so get creative and begin modifying your search terms. For example: “Daily Link Roundup” + Marketing, will find roundups strictly related to the marketing niche.

Here’s the bonus tip: You can go one step further and do the same searches on Twitter by going to http://search.twitter.com.

Contact the blog owners, establish a connection by leading with value and make sure your content is good stuff! It’ll make it a no-brainer for them to feature you when you’re providing great value to their followers.

Forum Marketing

This tactic is totally old-school but completely under-utilized. I found a forum recently that is super targeted for my niche and has been absolutely BLASTING my website with hundreds of hits. But before I tell you about that – here are five tantalizing benefits to this completely underrated strategy:

  • Puts you right in front of your target audience
  • Helps you to quickly become a well-known authority figure in your niche
  • Builds name recognition
  • Potential to send thousands of highly targeted visitors to your site
  • Builds hundreds of one-way links to your website and increases your search engine rankings

Traffic Totals 3 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Just to show you how crazy this can get when you find a highly targeted forum – above is a snapshot of my Google Analytics over the past few days since I created my own post and started a conversation on http://14ers.com.

Traffic Sources 3 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

It’s only been three days and I’ve accumulated almost 150 hits on just this one post alone – imagine how this will aggregate over the next few months!

Here’s some great places to start looking for your forum gold mines:

  • Big-Boards.com
  • BoardReader.com
  • Omgili.com
  • Boardtracker.com
  • Google your keyword phrase + forum. Ex: “weight loss forums”

Guest Blogging

Yes, I know you’ve heard this one before but have you really gotten out there and hustled? Go straight for the major influencers. Heck, start with Building a Brand Online and do a guest post here – there’s a ton of good reasons to do so but here’s a few more benefits of guest blogging:

  • Increased traffic and exposure
  • High-quality one way backlinks
  • Networking power with highly influential people
  • Build your rolodex of contacts
  • Builds your authority in the market place

Flowing Traffic 3 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your WebsiteAll of these things lead to killer traffic! And remember, once your post goes up – it’s in their archives forever. Which means that it will continually generate traffic into the future. Notice how all these methods build on each other?

There are other ways to find and meet influential people within your niche. Again, we consult the almighty Google! Search words like “write for us” “submit a guest post” or “guest post guidelines” (within quotations). Like I mentioned above use modifiers like + fitness or + personal development to narrow the search down.

Once you find these people it’s important to develop a connection first. Leave ROCK STAR comments on their blog. Do anything you can to provide value to them first – AND THEN go for the kill! What’s the worst that can happen? They say no? Trust me, facing “internet rejection” is a lot easier than hearing it face-to-face. Just go for it!

How’s that for some straightforward traffic tactics? I tried to keep it short, but frankly it was difficult not to get carried away with all the details! There’s just sooo much that can dramatically improve your results. Don’t get me wrong, knowing the basics gets you started in the right direction but man, knowing exactly what to do saves you from a lot of time, effort, and failure.

Where to Find Even More Traffic Driving Resources

So I have a confession to make. These methods I’ve described, and a few others I didn’t even have time to get into here, I picked up from expert marketers who’ve already walked the walk.

My buddy, bigshot internet marketer Tim Atkinson, and Traffic Queen Kim Roach just released the Traffic Dashboard - which I cannot believe how much value they packed inside.

Tim Atkinson 3 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website Kim Roach 3 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

They opened my eyes to strategies like e-book syndication and the RSS and Video Pipe Dreams – which bring in targeted traffic from all over the web. Just really basic stuff that I had never considered or knew how to actually impliment.

Then I learned about the “10-X Method,” which ABSOLUTELY blew my mind. I was kicking myself for never thinking of it before because its so straightforward; but sometimes it’s those really simple ideas that are extremely powerful (and they evade us because they are so simple!)

You’re just going to have to check it out for yourself. If you’re not convinced in the 15 minute video by Kim Roach that it’s for you; it’s probably not. You’ll see why I’ve been foregoing hours of sleep because I’ve been so damn excited – and you will be completely blown away by what the Traffic Dashboard has to offer. This is exactly what I needed.

Check out the Traffic Dashboard before you lose the opportunity. Eight hours of step by step video training for $39? Jackpot!

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  • http://www.AlinaNavarro.com AlinaUcanNavarro

    Extremely Grateful for this Wealth of Detailed Information, Avram! Link Roundups!! Who knew? Well, I now know that ‘Traffic Dashboard’ truly delivered a wealth of information to you. I will certainly be participating in their coarse, it appears to be Priceless!! Thank you for sharing this valuable information Hun. ;) xo

    • http://AvramGonzales.com/ Avram

      Hehe, and you would definitely know being one of the newest members of the training program :) Hope you enjoy it and get as much out of it as I already have! Thanks Alina!

      • aysha

        nice work http://lahoreboys.blogspot.com/

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Amazing posts my friend. Forum and guest works very well. I like your 1st strategy too. And yes Traffic Dashboard is INSANE and with kind of price. You can’t beat it anywhere. I highly recommend everyone to get Traffic Dashboard before the price go up. :)

    • http://AvramGonzales.com/ Avram

      Thanks Yusuf! I picked up some of the ideas from Traffic Dashboard but what’s here is only just a taste!

  • http://saberamuslim.com Saber A Muslim

    Going to apply this straightaway, Avram, Thanks!

    • http://AvramGonzales.com/ Avram

      Sweet Saber, lemme know how it goes my friend.

  • http://www.constructionmarketinguk.co.uk Peter L Masters MCIM

    Good stuff Avram and thank you! I’ll check out the Traffic Dashboard real soon! Keep up the good work guys! (Hope you like my Blog post, it’s coincidentally entitled “Facebook groups and Social Media etiquette, who gives a Tweet”)

    • http://AvramGonzales.com/ Avram

      Hey Peter! Is that the post you submitted for the Link Roundup? Sounds perfect :)

      I’ve only gotten into a handful of the stuff on Traffic Dashboard and its blowing my mind lol! So much amazing content and not enough time to get through it all at the moment! One day at a time…

      • http://blogbusinessworld.blogspot.com Orlando Thompson

        Hi Avram,

        How does one submit a link for your link round up.  I too have gathered information from the traffic dashboard.  And have some really cool content to share with people who are interested.  I am not looking to participate in some link roundups.  Here is a link to one of my post so you can see what kind of content I provide. 


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  • http://twitter.com/LOGOSbyMOA MOA

    Very nice and insightful!

    Http://LOGOSbyMOA.com | “YOUR vision…OUR design.”

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