Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With ‘Thank Me Later’

Hey BABO Fans,

I want to first thank for the opportunity of
letting me guest post here on! I am truly honored.

Let’s get started…

How would you like to gain more repeat readers, subscribers,
and possibly more sales from the comments you receive on
your blog posts?

That is what I am going to be sharing with you today.

There are many people who happen to stumble upon your blog
read a great article, leave a comment and continue on with their
web surfing, completely forgetting about the comment they left
on your blog.

That’s where the Thank Me later Plugin comes into play.

How would you like everyone who leaves a comment on your blog
to get an automated email like the image below?

1a Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later Plugin is FREE and extremely easy to set up.
It is also very customizable. Now one thing you do have to
keep in mind is people are NOT subscribing to your email list
when leaving a comment so you DO NOT want to abuse this
and make this automated message too spammy or salesy.

Use this plugin correctly and it can increase your repeat traffic
and possibly turn a one time reader, into a repeat reader, turn
that repeat reader into a subscriber and ultimately turn that
subscriber into a client.

Use this plugin incorrectly by trying to sell right off the bat and
you will lose a potential client forever. This is  a great way to
be classified as a SPAMMER.

By writing a  genuine thank you message FIRST and having a small
banner or text offer in the signature it keeps the spam radar low.

So now that you understand how powerful Thank Me Later can be
you can follow the screen shots below for a step-by-step on setting
up this plugin.

1 Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me Later


2 Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me Later

3 Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me Later

4 Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me Later

5 Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me Later

61 Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me Later

7 Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me Later8 Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me LaterThat’s pretty much it on how to set this up. I really
hope you implement this on your blog and see great
results especially if you get a lot of comments on your

Just a reminder by leaving a comment on your blog people
ARE NOT subscribing to your list so please DO NOT abuse
this plugin.

Treat it and your commentators right and the plugin will reward

If you need any help on the install of this plugin feel free to contact
me or leave a comment below. 8)

To Your Success,

Joshua Zamora
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point here animated Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With Thank Me Later


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I am a young entrepreneur with a passion for helping others get started online. I feel learning the basics (building a blog, squeeze page, driving traffic, etc) is a HUGE confidence booster for those just starting out. There is way too much junk information out there today and it's easy to fall into analysis paralysis or information overload. I'm also pretty good at Chess, Poker, Basketball and love going to concerts and watching movies. 8)

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  • Dani Nir-McGrath

    Excellent post, Joshua! Going to install now… :)


    • Joshua Zamora

      Thank you Dani 8)

    • Joshua Zamora

      Thank you Dani 8)

  • Shanna Hall

    Tried implementing this a few months ago. Frustrated that I couldn’t get it to work, I just deleted it. While I am a quick learner, I can’t figure this out. I keep getting two errors that appear to say the same thing about two different components.

    Great tutorial though Joshua, I learned a few things from the last time I tried this plug in. Was hoping that it would work this time though. :(

    • Joshua Zamora

      Hey Shanna,
      Sorry to hear that. That’s really weird. Did you ever mess without anything in the plugin settings?

      What and when do the error messages show up? during the install or when you tried sending the test email after its configured?

      I’m not a coder myself but maybe we can ask someone to help out.

  • AlinaNavarro

    Hey Joshua, this is really cool. Loved your detailed screen shots & hope it’s as easy to install as it looks. So it’s nota WP plugin, but I can install it anyway is way cool. I’ve replied to a couple of my commentators directly via email, but this is way easier less stressful & more consistent than I’ll ever be!! LoL… Thanks for the post Hun. ;)

    • Joshua Zamora

      Glad I can help Alina. It is a WP plugin. I love this plugin I think it also creates a strong connection with a first time reader.

  • Anonymous

    Great post and information toward relationship building with the correct settings and understanding of the power of such a great tool! I love your bio and approach toward this business.

    • Joshua Zamora

      Thank you Kathleen! 8)

  • Yo Le

    Hey Joshua,

    This is definitely a great plugin… but do you know if works with the Disqus commenting system? I know comment luv doesn’t work with Disqus so I’ve never tried to install any other comment related plugins.

    I’m asking before I tried it myself because I’ve actually gone through and eliminated any plugins I don’t use and got it down to 45. I’m trying to keep my blog speedy. :)

    Keep on Rockin’

    - Yo

  • Susan Graver

    Thanks for taking the time Joshua to really outline how to set this up. Our site consistently gets 4000+ visitors a day and having this setup can only bring better engagement and results! If you are ever in any of the areas where K1 Speed is located. Free Race for You and a friend! Great Post, thanks again!

  • casio cdp 100

    Hi Josh

    I’m impressed with the whole idea of what this plugin does.  There’s nothing out there like it that I’ve ever seen before.

    Ray Mankoi

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