The 3 Main Components of Search Engine Optimization

SEO Defined: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

Why SEO is important?

Search Engine Optimization gets you found on search engine by people searching for the information your writing about.  When done correctly it will give you what seems like an “unfair advantage” over your competition.

In order to successfully Search Engine Optimize a piece of content online there are 3 key components that Google takes into consideration;  Activity, Back-links, and Content.
The other search engines, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, etc., also take these 3 components into consideration, but their algorithm is not the exact same as Google’s.

search results 1024x634 The 3 Main Components of Search Engine Optimization


Activity is an aspect that was introduced into the Google SEO system within the last couple of years.  This component of Search Engine Optimization is based on how much interaction is going on with your site.
Activities that Improve your SEO ranking:

When a guest to your website…social media pillows1 300x225 The 3 Main Components of Search Engine Optimization

  • hits the “Facebook share” or “Facebook Like” button.
  • tweets the post to their friends.
  • leaves a comment
  • posts your article to a social bookmarketing site.
  • The more activity on your site, the higher the site will rank on search engines.
  • The logic is, if the visitors are sharing or commenting on the content of the site, it must be relevant to the topic at hand


Back-links or Link-backs are inbound links to a website or blog.
The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page online.

You can receive back-links by…

  • Posting Relevant information about a product in a Forum, and then linking to your aticle “for more details…”
  • Writing or Rehashing Articles to EzArticles, PR Reports, and Squido.  Link Back to your site.
  • Having Others Re post your content to these sites.
  • Listing your site’s url in your social media profiles, such as youtube, facebook and twitter.  In fact having listings on these sites are starting to be “expected.”
  • Be listed in Other’s Blogroll’s.


Create content that is relevant to your keywords, and site’s niche, and then use even more keywords in the text.  Create content that you are passionate about, would even write about, on one of your best days.  Use the long hand form of Nouns, don’t shorten them.
tony robbins The 3 Main Components of Search Engine Optimization

For example if you wanted to write a post that piggybacked the traffic of Tony Robbins, whenever speaking about Tony Robbins, you should use his full name, and not just “he.”  The more times you were to use the name, “Tony Robbins.” the more the content would SEO for his name.   If you are a success coach and wanted to have your blog show up keyworded to Tony Robbins, you should write sentences like this one:   “Tony Robins is a success and life coach who helps people achieve personal breakthroughs in their life and business.”

Remember: Your content should be passionate, relevant and valuable to your reader.  It’s not just about doing a sales pitch.

A + B + C = SEO!

  • Bonus Tip #1 - Use WordPress plugins that benifit SEO.
  • Bonus Tip #2 - Would you like to know if Google Loves WordPress blogs for business?   This 45 minute video will explain exactly what Google looks for when ranking a website:

1281317554 player play e1281317641832 The 3 Main Components of Search Engine Optimization

What are your favorite Search Engine Optimization Tips?

Leave your comments below.

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I’m a full time Internet Entrepreneur, who also trains and develops other Entrepreneurs. I love it. I have found that it takes 3 key factors to succeed online; Passion, Content, and Profits. Master all 3 areas and you will be able to Build Your Brand Online.

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  • Dreamosity

    Cory - it's pretty amazing that you made this during your webinar…. I love the topic of SEO and I've found that it's not as hard as people think.

    If people think you need to pay lots of money for SEO - Read this first…

    I'm a big fan of getting feedback live from facebook chat… great example live tonight =)

  • Hyrum

    Wow, this is wonderful stuff! This is great info man, thanks for sharing!

  • Vickie Griffith

    Thanks for sharing, Cory - very helpful

  • therealamberrose

    So, based on the webinar today, I gather that we should be commenting with DISQUS to increase traffic back to us? I never really got familiar with DISQUS and how it works.


    Yes. Its very simple to use. Give it a shot. My comment just got shared on twitter too.


    thanks vickie!


    Thanks marcelle.

    Great blog post. Do you realize you've almost been blogging for 9months now with wordpress?

  • Guy

    this is a bunch of bullshit. all these branding and marketing crap is a sham. get educated in something that matters.

  • Avram

    Hey “Guy!” You know about that search engine thing called Google? You know how you type stuff in and it pulls up a bunch of websites with the information you're looking for?

    If it weren't for SEO you'd never find what you're looking for. But I guess that doesn't matter.

    You obviously don't understand the value that is here, and choose to spend your time creating garbage with comments like this. Save your energy man, find a better use for it.

  • Bob Patenaude

    This is a scary topic for many, including myself. Like the thought of touching a hot stove, it just made me shutter to think about getting near it.

    But with Cory's mastery in explaining SEO in plain English, I've been able to confidently set up our blog posts at to be much more search-able. Thanks Cory, great work.

  • Dreamosity

    Yes! Super exciting… after this event last weekend with Ty Tribble and Todd falcone, I learned some huge blogging tips too =)


    I’m glad we’ve been able to help you Bob. And thank you too!



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  • Lynn Brown

    lives and breathes SEO. He has the knowledge, ideas and techniques that you can take action on right away. Cory helped me to understand how to improve just a couple of things on my site and I am seeing the results. More traffic and more interaction. Thanks Cory!

  • Joshua Bevan

    You don’t mention them in your article, but do comments on other people’s blogs help with SEO at all? For example: I’m commenting right now on your blog and my name “Joshua Bevan” above is a link back to my blog Is that helping MY SEO?

  • Dianne White

    Yeah, SEO can be really useful. If you have content in your website that’s good, and you know people are going to be interested in it, you’d want to make sure that people find a way to your site. Of course, for starters it could be difficult to handle. But with time and a bit of extra research, optimization can be easily manageable and useful.

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    A good SEO service provider will talk to you directly and will give you tips, advices, and recommendations on the things that you need to do. They are after the results that you will gain from their service, and not with the money that you will be spending on them.

  • info

    you have done a great work ………. its really working and important for us. so please keep sharing …

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  • walif

    It was so amazing post and awesome collection so that i share it my cousin and FB,Twitter friends.Great writer.Care on and write good content with more beautiful pics.

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