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Here’s How To get our Premier Product, 12 Week Group Coaching for Branding Yourself Online today only for only $297.

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Get behind the scenes of the Building a Brand Online Website, by watching us build the site every week via webinar.

We believe that in order to successfully Build a Brand Online you require 3 things.

First there is passion, you must be in a business that you are passionate about, and want to succeed.

Then you must be wiling to create content about your passion, such as blog posts, video blogs, images, and podcasts.

Finally, in order to run your business, your brand must be generating profits. Not just income, but profits.

So how do you do it?

How do you turn your Passion into Content and your Content into Profit?

and how do you get others to even look at your site?

What system should your websites be built on?

Hint: We use for Business.

We want to answer these questions for you.

That’s why we created Own Your Brand Online Group Coaching

Own Your Brand Online is a 12 week Group Coaching program where we show you how to Build a Brand Online, and Thus Cash in on your Passions.

Preview One of Recent Trainings:

Own Your Brand Online training Recap of Weeks 1-3

Week 1 - Choosing Keywords and Getting your Blog Online

In week 1, we show you the tools required to do proper keyword research on your Brand Name, and Url.

Next, we explain how to go out and purchase domain names, and hosting from the best sites, at the best rates. Hint: A hosting company, is not usually the right place to buy your domain names, and visa versa.

Next we brought in special guest, Marcelle Allen, to teach how domains are like a piece of online real estate, and how to create your own.

In the second half of week one, we showed you how to get everything online for your site, including premium graphics, themes, and hosting, for as little as $10 starting investment. Until your business is cash flowing, you really want keep your expenses low.

WEEK 2 - Our Blog is Online. Now What?!week21 300x261 Group Coaching

We show you all the initial set up required now that your blog is online.

Top 20 WordPress Plugins, AND how to use them.

How to set up your WordPress Dashboard Settings.

How to install and use widgets to create the side bars of your website with WordPress.

How to create Contact Forms for your Clients to reach you.

Week 3 - Lets Get Social

*The Most Important sites to link your Brand’s Social Media Campaign.
Training includes:

Creating a Facebook Like Page, and the Initial promotion required.
Creating a Basic Starting Twitter page, and how to manage it.
Getting your Youtube Page Going.
LinkedIn - Finding the Right Groups, and creating your own.

Week 4 - Getting your Passionate Content Online

Creating Your First Blog Post.

We will show you have to format your Blog post’s Appearance, Tagging, SEO, images, sharing, and syndication.

Then we’ll show you some tips on creating your second Blog Post and the importance of Timing Our your Posts.

Week 5 - Advanced Google Analytics Tracking

What worked, in the SEO from last week’s Blog Posts; and What Didn’t work?

How to Full Track and Manage your Results. (Guest Training)

How to follow if your site is ranking on Google, and what type of advanced SEO trick’s, can you add.

Week 6 - Video Blogging Domination

We will have Avram Gonzales, a daily video blog spend at least 45 minutes, covering Creating Content that SIZZLES.

Avram will cover, creating teasers, if you should use facebook or YouTube, Communication your Personal Brand, and how to Increase your Attractiveness (Online.)

Then , will get into Advanced YouTube techniques and how to create YouTube SEO rankings.

Week 7 - Creating Content that PAYS

How to use, Reviews, How To’s Lists, and Youtube, to create content, in order to drive revenue to your bank account.

We will have Guests coming Sharing their Success Secrets, and some of their best content.

2500+1 Group Coaching

Week 8 - Creating Companion Websites

How to create addon and subdomains, and when to use them.

How to create multiple email accounts, on various domains, and how to manage them all through Gmail accounts.

Week 9 - Getting Tribal

How to Create alliances, with other bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Business owners in order to generate more success.

How to use backlinks, blog rolls, and guest posts, to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

More guests this week too, other bloggers that have created successful partnerships online.

Week 10 - Twitter Traffic

How to use Automation, and Twitter Management programs to Create Online Marketing Domination.

How to use twitter to drive traffic to older posts, and how to send friends to blogs, and various affiliate links, and have them asking for more.

*BONUS* Training - How to use the Appropriate “B-Sites” to establish brands online.

Week 11 - Building Your List

Sales Funnel Tactics and Implementation.

Advanced Opt in Forms and Mailing Lists.

Whats the Best Software to use?

How to Email your customer’s Correctly.

Week 12 - Graduation Profits

Creating And Selling Your Products Online!

Have you Made Money during the 12 weeks? Step To the FRONT of the Class and share!

The Breakdown

  • Over 24 Hours of Education Including Recordings -$1200+ value
  • Bonus: E-book  - $97 value
  • Bonus: 45 minute training on video editing w/ Avram Gonzales - $60 value
  • First 5 Weeks of Entrepreneurial Interviews with Marcelle Allen - $147 value
  • 1 Entry into our Vacation to Cabo Contest.

Total Value: $1504+

Optional Bonuses

  • Be Featured as Case Studies in our Products.
  • Be featured in the ultimate blogroll, where we feature our students and their businesses.
  • Have your business promoted to our network.
  • Create an Awesome Product? Building a Brand Online will Market your product.

For example Marcelle , Avram, Bob, and Shannon have bonuses included in our product, you can too.

Total Bonus Value:  $500+

BONUS - The Vacation to Cabo Contest

arch cabo san lucas 300x200 Group Coaching

We have been able to add a special bonus.

We will be giving away a 4day/ 3night stay at a 1BR villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for one lucky student + guest.

The winner will be joined by Cory, Avram, and Marcelle in Mexico & will sit down for a Mastermind session with the winner.

You may even be featured on Avram’s youtube show, InspirACTION.

(winner must provide their own airfare)

30 day Money Back Promise

30 day money back guarantee Group Coaching

The Building a Brand Online Guarantee
In the world of online products, you can’t always be assured of value and quality.
Let us put your fears of unsatisfactory results to rest by offering a no-hassle 30-day money back guarantee.
If you try it and don’t like it, get your money back!

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Are You Ready to get Started??

We’re here to help you Build Your Brand Online.

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Don’t Forget:  The Price will be going up to $497 after this sale ends.

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