Getting The Best Theme For Your WordPress Blog

woothemes Getting The Best Theme For Your WordPress BlogSo you got your WordPress Blog setup (if you don’t, you must!) … now you want to design it on an attractive, easy-to-navigate, and easy-to-use platform. You want to choose the right design for you.

The wonderful thing about WordPress is that you don’t have to design your blog/website with CSS and you don’t need any web-design knowledge or large sums to money to pay for a designer. This is because WordPress allows for the installation of templates, called Themes, that are the backbone of your blog’s design.

The following information will help you find great sources for Free and Premium Layouts for your Blog, but deciding on the best theme for you is entirely based on your industry, your goals with your blog, and your personal preferences. If you’re a student of our BuildingABrandOnline course, ask one of the coaches to help you make the right decision.

Themes range from Free and Boring to $1000+ and Intricately Designed and Customizable, with everything in between.

Searching Google for “WordPress Themes” or even “Free WordPress Themes” will yield literally THOUSANDS of results, leaving you confused as you try to make your way through the theme forest (pun intended).

What you see below is a summary of my research - some of the best free and paid themes and sources out there. You can search beyond these options, but beware, you might be unnecessarily overwhelmed.

Free Themes:

  • In your WordPress Back Office, you can search through thousands of free themes based on your desired colors and industry. If you’re looking for a simple and customizable theme, the new WordPress Twenty-Ten Theme might be perfect to start you off.
  • Performing a Google Search on Free WordPress Themes will identify countless websites that offer free themes. To cut down your search time, I recommend looking at the free themes at WooThemes ,, and These websites also offer awesome paid themes, but their free themes are so good they should cost money.
  • My personal favorite free theme of all is the Atahualpa Theme. It is extremely customizable with 250+ theme options, rotating header options, and a built-in CSS editor. I used this for my own blog and some of my clients’ blogs.

Paid Theme Sites

  • For a better looking and more unique blog, I strongly recommend looking into some inexpensive themes first.
  • If you’re on a budget, start with … there are many similar sites out there, but ThemeForest just offers the most bang for the buck and has a virtually endless selection of themes for your blog. , the 24/7 Entrepeneur, uses ThemeForest for his blogs and gets fantastic reviews and results. Check out his site for an example.
  • Templatic is another Premium Theme site, similar to ThemeForest, that is worth taking a serious look into.
  • If you like to switch themes often, or you have multiple websites, is a great option. You join for $39 (annual) and get unlimited use of their 49 and counting premium theme options.
  • If your budget is a bit bigger and you are looking for impressive premium themes, head over to … not only do they have some of the best themes ever designed for WordPress, they also offer 2 themes for the price of 1 and other unique pricing options.
  • For lead capture pages and sales funnels, use SqueezeTheme. This is by far the best option in the industry. (e.g. the capture page with Free Bonus for this website)

Of course, if you haven’t gotten your WordPress Blog set up yet … you might actually be in luck. For a limited time, the geniuses over at Social Spin are giving away Free Blogs with Premium Themes (not to mention a ton of Free Training). Head over to to take advantage of it while it lasts… and even if you have no need for a blog, create a Free Account there anyway to get access to all the Free WordPress Training in their back office. I wish I had such training when I first started - as does every other serious blogger and Internet Entrepreneur.

If you personally love a theme and would like to suggest it to our readers, please do so in the comments below! Likewise, if you’ve purchased a theme you hate - warn others with a comment.

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