Attraction Marketing Checklist - Part 1

“Only Suckers Pay for Leads”

I heard this quote over a year ago when I was in network marketing, and it kept reverberating  in my mind afterward.   I kept thinking to myself, “I’m paying for leads… am I really a sucker?”  It was at this moment, that I decided to opt in and receive a free 7 video training series on how to “Magnetically Attract New Customers.“  And so my Attraction Marketing Career Began…

Over the last year, I spent my time developing and creating plans on how to attract quality like minded leads interested in my business for free.  I’ve invested in several trainings, found mentors, and most importantly, started applying what I learned.

The funny thing is, most forms of Attraction Marketing actually works.   When done correctly, you can literally use Social Media and a blog to generate leads that come directly to you.

How do I know that Attraction Marketing works??   Well you’re here reading this blog post, aren’t you?  What attracted you to this post?

Now, I’m going to take some of what I’ve learned, and share with you my Attraction Marketing Checklist:

(As a forewarning, this is in no way a total and complete list, in fact I plan on adding on a Part 2, and possibly a Part 3 to this article in the future.)

1. Facebook Profile Picture.

  • You can only make one first impression.
  • This should capture who you are in an instant.
  • Make sure you stand out of the crowd.
  • Make sure its a PICTURE of YOU. It’s called FACEbook for a reason. Business logos are unacceptable.
  • I can appreciate that sometimes you may feel shy, everyone has their moments, but this is Attraction Marketing.   Unless you want to attract other picture-less or face-less facebookers to your business, I do not recommend having any facebook profile pictures that do not include your face.
  • HINT - Want to be properly branded across all networks??  Use this same profile picture across all your web2.0 sites, and update them accordingly.  Don’t this forces prospects to see your face everywhere, making you seem more familiar to these individuals.

2.  Facebook About me section.

  • So now that your prospect has seen your profile picture, its time for them to see what you’re all about.   This is why the about me section is so vital, reading your about me section when your future customer is actually deciding if they “like you.”   As you should already know, people buy from individuals that they “know, like, and trust.”   Use your about me section as a way for a customer to get to know you, and decide if they like you.
  • Fill out all the sections as complete as possible, yes you should include your interests, and activities, music and movies.
  • If you fill out your college and work history, former classmates and co-workers can more easily find you online.  These people already know you, and if they sent you a friend request, they probably like and or trust you already too.
  • Expect to receive friend requests more frequently as your profile improves.  Now make sure to connect with them, rather then selling them first.
  • HINT:  Check out the people you’re friends with who have 1,000 or more friends, what are they doing to stand out that you’re not already implementing?

3. Like Page for your Business.

  • I know you’re dieing to talk about your business.   So first make sure people would be interested in it.   Lets create a Facebook like page:

Step ONE:  Create a fan page.

Step TWO: Fill in some information.

Step THREE:  Follow facebook’s instructions

The next step to do would be to Link your fan / like page to your website or blog.  This can be complicated at first.

Luckily, I know the most effective way to do this too.

With a WordPress Blog you could have your Facebook Like Box up and running on your site in minutes too.

Which leads me to Checklist item #4…

4. A Blog.

  • Websites are out of date and hard to use these days.
  • Why pay an expensive designer to build you something out of date, and difficult to edit.
  • Once you learn how to correctly use the WordPress dashboard, you will have the power to go out and create multiple blogs, for multiple businesses, and multiple streams of income.
  • This is how you’re going to show up in organic search results via google

I compiled a blog post recently, which goes through 10 (well, actually 11) of my favorite reasons to use WordPress for your Business.  You can view that article HERE.

Don’t have a WordPress Blog yet?

Good news!

I can get you one personally created for FREE (not for $149, $199, or $500 like all those other “experts.”)

With your first month of hosting for Free too.

And all you have to do is cover your web hosting cost starting in 30days, that’s less then $10 a month to host unlimited websites.

And for those of wondering, YES Free Blog Factory, is back and better then ever before.

The system has been fully streamlined and new websites can be created reliably.

5.  Create Compelling Content

I hope this is an obvious one.  In order to be successful with Attraction Marketing you must give people a reason to want to want to come back from more, and inevitably spend money in your brand.

Tips to Creating Compelling Content:

  • Create Content you can be passionate about.
  • Focus on creating content on a topic you could cover across multiple blog posts.
  • Use content to add value to your brand.
  • Content can be written, video, photography, graphics, reviews, podcasts, new products, and so on.
  • Having a balanced mix of different types of content on your blog can be extremely helpful.
  • Be yourself, and direct your massage towards your ideal client.   What questions would they like to be asked?   How would this benefit them?  What should they do next?
  • Have only one clear call to action in your content.
  • Create Content that even one of your best friends would enjoy seeing and reading.   Does your best friend like being sold to.   I didn’t think so, however I’m sure your best friend buys products everyday that he / she finds valuable.

Have a blog / website already?

Leave your favorite tip on attraction marketing, it can be your own tip.

Feel free to pimp your site url with your comment.

Don’t have a site yet?

Head on over to The Free Blog Factory and get your blog set up today for Free.  Enjoy!

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I’m a full time Internet Entrepreneur, who also trains and develops other Entrepreneurs. I love it. I have found that it takes 3 key factors to succeed online; Passion, Content, and Profits. Master all 3 areas and you will be able to Build Your Brand Online.

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  • Bob Patenaude

    Nice article here Cory. My takeaway is that you want to be consistent in establishing your BRAND across all channels. I’m sure you’ll cover Twitter, YouTube, etc. in future articles. I agree, people don’t want to be sold to all the time but like to read interesting articles, reviews, view photos & video that tell a story. We’re always trying to apply what we learn from you at

  • Farmer Cheryl

    Great post Cory!
    You make several really great points about attraction marketing. And, you gave a great tutorial on creating a facebook fanpage!

  • Anonymous

    Finally! GREAT post Cory. Can’t wait for Part 2

  • Avram

    Hey Cory,

    My best tip for attraction marketing is to be like the people or customers you want to attract.

    If you want to attract spammers, spam people.

    If you want to attract assholes, be an asshole.

    If you want people to care about you and respect you, do the same with everyone you meet.

    Whatever you are is what you will attract.

    • Dreamosity

      Avram… you’re spot on! You attract video bloggers because you’re such a great video blogger.

      What I’m curious about … is what if you blog on many platforms… How does attraction marketing work then? I guess with your theory, I’ll attract people with multiple blogs, sweet!

  • Dreamosity

    My favorite attracting marketing technique…. Give… Give Likes… Give love & encouragement. Give back to help their social media journey. I wrote this list after listening to Frank Kenny speak to my local chamber. Enjoy all! Great post Cory.

  • MaryBeth Kirby

    Cory, Great article! I love the bullet points and especially the fact that you follow up each bullet point with understandable information. Its a real guide to what I need to be doing with my own blog. There are so many different things that I COULD be doing but now I have a clear game plan for my next steps:
    Facebook Profile Picture
    Facebook About me section
    Like Page for your Business
    A Blog. - done
    Create Compelling Content …. Going to give it my best shot.

    Thanks again. I’ll be reading all of your other articles too.
    MaryBeth Kirby

  • Vincent macaluso

    Very cool articulation buddy on how and why good going on this Yusuf.


      Hey Vincent, thank you for the compliment. Actually I was the one who wrote this… Yusuf did write a similar and great post on attraction marketing for our blog too.

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