Creating Specials for Your Customers on Foursquare

FS cling Creating Specials for Your Customers on Foursquare By Stephanie A. Milliman

Do you know how to create specials on Foursquare?  These are incentives to make your customers come back and spend money in your store often - thus creating customer loyalty. We’ll show you a quick and easy two-step process necessary for you to get started offering consistent incentives to draw folks back to your business.

1. Confirm your business. Foursquare needs to confirm the business is legitimate, so in order create discounts and specials for your venue, Foursquare must confirm that you’re the person in charge of managing that venue. (This is also the area where your business’ stats are stored such as how many people check in, the days and times and other promotions).

2. Create your business’ first special. It’s that simple. Click here to get started. Here are the ways in which your customers (a.k.a. Foursquare users) can unlock your special.

* Mayor Specials – Can only be unlocked by the “mayor” of a venue (user who has checked in the most in the last 60 days).
* Count-based Specials - Unlocked when users check-in a certain number of times (10th is most popular).
* Frequency-based Specials - Unlocked upon numerous check-ins.
* Wildcard Specials – Just like it sounds. (Staff must verify extra conditions before deal is awarded). (Ex. Offer BOGO-buy one get one free)

Once your business’ new special is created, the Foursquare wizards must approve it (you’ll receive an email confirmation/link-back to the Manage Specials page to make the offering live). Then you can create a marketing strategy revolving around using these specials which should be updated monthly. Below are some examples of specials used on Foursquare:

* Specials encourage first-time visitors to come back and be rewarded. Also over time will contribute to customer loyalty, for example: “Get a free coffee if you’re the mayor!” “Half off any entree on your first check-in!”

* Offer something that is only available to Foursquare users and mention it in your special.

* Be selective on using specific dates. Keep it wide open (in case you forget to update them online).

Lastly, promote your use of Foursquare with stickers and window clings for your storefront to show users you are plugged in! Create your own by downloading the pdf.

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  • Anonymous

    Great post Stephanie! Even though I did not use Foursquare yet but for local and small businesses, this will be a great tool. I have to test it 1st before I share with them. Thanks

    • Stephaniemilliman

      Thanks. Foursquare is my specialty :)

  • Avram

    I just set up Foursquare for my dad’s dry cleaning business since Cory and I discovered a few people were already checking in at the location. Since there is a 24 Hour Fitness next door, I’m hoping that there is a decent amount of traffic and check-ins right down the road that will notice our special.

    I want to get people used to checking in by offering a free shirt cleaning with every check in. If we get people doing it more often I will change the special to something else but for now I just want people to start using it! We even used the Foursquare logo on our website to show people we honor check-ins

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