3 Tips For Building A Brand Online For Less

onlinebrand 300x225 3 Tips For Building A Brand Online For LessBuilding a brand online can be challenging if you don’t know what you are doing, it can even be more daunting if you have to shell out a ton of cash for it. But there is a world beyond costly PPC’s,  and independent marketing companies that many of us aren’t familiar with.  A world where having an identity or building a brand online can be cost effective to virtually costing nothing. Here’s what you need to do to get frequent glimpses of this obscure world:

Connect The Social Media Dots:

Social media is a key player when it comes to building a lasting brand online, but many of us are doing it wrong. Merely having a presence does nothing significant for your identity. Your brand and identity can only flourish with the consistent use of social media not just for promoting products/services but for communicating with your target audience. To further boost your likelihood of creating a lasting brand, all  your social networks must be linked with  each other. Use the same logo and the same color scheme  for profiles and backgrounds to remind your audience and visitors of your brand.

Create Unique Content:

It’s not a secret anymore that content is king, online businesses have been built solely on the back of content; and so can a brand. Social networks and content is like bread and butter, they go extremely well with each other and one makes the other better. With the forceful emergence of social networks, delivering content has become a bit effortless. Use this to your advantage and “get known for something” when creating and distributing your content. You can decided to go funny, goofy, serious, or anything else you want to be known for  when people read your content.    When your brand starts getting known for something, your on the right path to creating a lasting impression online.

Give Something For Nothing:

If you have a product/service of great value, the fastest way to get a buzz around your brand is to give it out for free. People gravitate towards free stuff, and they talk about it even more especially if it’s worth something to them and they paid nothing for it. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing they say, a successful word of mouth campaign always transcends beyond marketing improving all other parts of business including branding.

Jimi  Olaghere is a young entrepreneur, he grew up with a family of entrepreneur’s and caught the bug early. He acquired most of, if not all his business skills working with both parents. He is the co-owner of T&J enterprise a supplier company based in New Jersey. He is the founder/CEO at the recently launched  freelance writing marketplace BagAWriter, and he runs the business broketycoon.com.

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