Making The Change & Taking Charge!

transformation and change Making The Change & Taking Charge!

(This is my add-on to my earlier post Creating Your Goals List In 3 Easy Steps. Please read it first before reading on further with this post.)

Now that you have created your goals list, the next best thing to do is to take that piece of paper (print it out if you typed it up) and hang it in a place that you spend the most amount of time every day. Put it somewhere that you will be able to see it several times a day and add a nice big caption/header onto it to get your attention every time you look that way. The big caption/header won’t only get your attention but will also help you constantly keep reminding yourself that these are your goals, your dreams, your aspirations, and that you are working on them everyday even if you may feel that you are not. A lot of people say they want to or will do something and then they just never do it or come up with an excuse and try to justify it with what they feel is a reason. Don’t let yourself fall for that easy way out. In-fact i would call this the harder way out!

Why you may ask? Simply because by not doing anything you are putting yourself back into that same mindset and hole of a routine. You are comfortable and don’t wish to be disturbed. However change is a universal constant and although as stated above most people find it easy to say NO, but take a moment to consider why it is always easier to say YES to things that take away from your time, bank account, and happiness? That my friends is called a habit, and the sooner you take the action to break your poor habits and create strong life fulfilling ones, the sooner you will see a new era to your life and happiness.

If you don’t believe me or the way of how bad habits take over our lives, consider trying to make a list and doing everything on it for ONE MONTH. If nothing in your life changes from it, then I’ll let you have your pass. However I can bet you that within 2 to 3 weeks in on your newly and actively changed routine of life, that you will see how simply having a constant reminder in front of your face a few times a day, will generate more enthusiasm to your way of living. Everyone wants a shortcut in life to get from point A to point B, unfortunately there just isn’t an easy way to get to point B unless you’re handed it and nothing comes simple without a little hard work and self perseverance.

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