Google Plus Webinar for Brand Builders

July 12th 6pm PST - Whats new in Social Media - July Edition (Facebook Video & Google Plus)

The summer of 2011 has just started and the social media platform wars are just heating up.

  1. Recently Google rolled out their new social networking site.
  2. Facebook launched a hot video feature and group chat.

All this while the Empire Avenue mayham continues with people growing their dividends.

Which will be the better tool?

Facebook or Google Plus?

We know you take your brand seriously and we do too.

Join us for this webinar to learn about the hottest changes and how you can be on top of it!

This webinar will feature Facebook Video & Google Plus

First Google tried out Wave and Google Buzz which both failed.

Looks like 3rd time is a charm as Google Plus is pretty awesome.

If you don’t know what a circle is, a hangout, or a spark… you’re already behind.

This is a hangout

Google plus screenshot Google Plus Webinar for Brand Builders

This is a hangout where we’re watching a YouTube video - on cats

cat lover group chat Google Plus Webinar for Brand Builders

This is what your Google Plus wall looks like.


G+ Profile. 1024x690 Google Plus Webinar for Brand Builders

Join us for the webinar to learn and experience these new features LIVE.

We’ll also be sharing some new features on facebook.

Did you know you can video chat?

facebook video chat Google Plus Webinar for Brand Builders

You can also have group chat outside of groups.

facebook feature.1 Google Plus Webinar for Brand Builders

Well you can, and we’ll show you a few other tricks.

After this webinar we guarantee you’ll know which you’re favorite is going to be.

Register now:

See you there!

We almost forgot, we’ll show you how you can join our online community too.

register Google Plus Webinar for Brand Builders

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    Great job! You guys are quick.

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    DrewryNewsNetwork is looking forward to what Google + has to offer!

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