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What do you mean I have to Optimize it too?! $#@!

SEO, SMO, BO, what the heck do all these abbreviations mean? In the world of Internet Marketing and branding your business, you’ll hear a few terms based around “optimization.” It’s ...

Live Webinar Training Events – June 2011

  Webinars, Webinars, Webinars!  Which will you be attending?  In the month of June we will have a webinar on FB Groups, Twitter, WordPress Blogs, and Facebook Page design.  All ...
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To Launch or Not To Launch…That is the question.

 To launch? Or not to launch? That is the question.   Enough with the cliché opening and on to the topic at hand. Utilizing free to low cost tools to gauge feasibility…of ...

Increase Traffic+Subscribers and Sales With ‘Thank Me Later’

Hey BABO Fans, I want to first thank for the opportunity of letting me guest post here on! I am truly honored. Let’s get started… How would you like ...

Building A Brand Online March Link Roundup

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in on our 2nd link round up! We tried something different this time - we didn’t put the names of the writer, just the title to help give ...
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7 Essential Money-Making Facebook Features for 2011 (And They’re Not What You Think)

As you can probably tell Facebook has been going through a major overhaul through the last several months. This has led to a radical change in the way you can market your business ...
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9 Steps to Positioning Yourself as an Expert

Tonight, I turned on the TV expecting to see the usual junk on tv, only to see that I was actually interested in watching an infomercial on tv. Why? The topic of the program was ...

What is Moving the Free Line?

Moving the free line happens to be one of the most effective forms of marketing available today. It doesn’t matter what your business is, moving the free line will ultimately ...
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Building a Brand Online February Link Roundup

This post highlights 21 Bloggers from a diverse number of industries and practices, but all from one community - Building a Brand Online. Each link exemplifies a different perspective ...

The Art of the Facebook Friend Request

The (Lost?) Art of the Facebook Friend Request The Facebook Friend Request seems to have become a bit of a lost art. I can’t count the number of times people have requested me ...

What is so special about Headway Theme? [REVIEW]

Take full control of your website’s design with Headway for WordPress and its intuitive drag and drop layout creator. So, I had never used Headway Theme before, but I have recently ...

Why Video is NOT the Best Way to Communicate

This video post is inspired by the “Social Media Sundays” series I used to do for my own blog - and would love your input on if they would be valuable to you on Building ...

3 Easy Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website or online business. Without it, building a list, getting people acquinted with your offering, and ultimately selling your product or service ...

Why I’d Rather Write This Blog Post Than Watch Reality TV

Wait, what? I’d rather blog than sit around on a couch watching reality TV? But Jersey Shore is on TV. What’s going to happen to me if I don’t know who punched Snooki or where ...

Making The Change & Taking Charge!

(This is my add-on to my earlier post Creating Your Goals List In 3 Easy Steps. Please read it first before reading on further with this post.) Now that you have created your goals ...
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