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3 Blogging Hacks That Can Create Professional Blog Posts In Minutes

2016 08 17 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

When it comes to blogging, most people think that you need to have a degree, or be a ‘writer’, or have some other kind of experience or qualification.

Many think it’s too hard or time consuming.

That is simply not true. With these personal hacks, anyone can create professional blog posts in just minutes!


2 Must-See TED Talks For Entrepreneurs Videos

2016 08 16 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

If you’re an entrepreneur like me, then you will undoubtedly have heard of TED Talks, which are basically an open forum for ideas, where experts speakers share ideas on various topics from education to creativity and more.

Across the web you’ll find articles from Forbes, Business Week, and many others sharing their favorite TED Talks for entrepreneurs.

Well, they all seem to pick the same things over and over again, year after year, and add one or two new ones.

I wanted to share a few of my own.

Fair warning: These are shared with a purpose – they are unconventional, and not your typical “entrepreneur” videos.

They offer insight into different ways of thinking that I find valuable to my walk as an entrepreneur.


The $3 Million Dollar Story

2016 06 20 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

A lot of people hear me say that I want to make $3 million dollars but I’ve never shared WHY it’s significant to me. It’s not arbitrary or a random number. I’ve never shared the story to many, but here it is – the $3 million dollar story.


[Video] How To Market Your Blog Posts In Just Minutes

2016 06 10 | BY Dexter Nelson | 0 COMMENTS

Did you know that you can market your blog initially in just a few minutes? In fact, if you know where to go and what to do, driving traffic doesn’t have to take a long time, or be difficult. Keep reading to find out more.


[Video] How To Blog Daily In 5 Minutes Or Less

2016 06 09 | BY Dexter Nelson | 1 COMMENTS

What’s up everybody? In this video I break down my process for coming up with endless ideas to blog about and how I’m able to write and publish blogs in 5 minutes or less.


The #1 Thing This Geek Shared From A Week Of Business Consulting

2016 06 08 | BY Dexter Nelson | 1 COMMENTS

Have you ever wondered why some businesses get great results from their product or service, while others flop with similar products and services? This geek shared his #1 piece of advice on this very topic, after a full week of business consulting. Read now to discover what he said.


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