How Do You Turn Adversity Into Prosperity?

by Perry Richardson on November 22, 2016

Success is 99 percent failure. -Soichiro Honda There is no education like adversity. -Disraeli Don’t be afraid of failure! Failure is often looked down as a position that an individual possess or what someone is. You are a failure! Well according to Honda, “Success is 99 percent failure”, so you are in good company. I […]


What is your Purpose in life?

by Perry Richardson on November 4, 2016

“It is finish!” Those three words tells the story of a person who was given a task that finally was completed. Such a person would have been driven by the desire to fulfill that specific purpose. It is that purpose that is the secret to living a successful life. What is your Purpose in LIFE? […]


2 Empowering Websites About Unexpected Shortcuts

by Perry Richardson on September 20, 2016

I decided to write this blog as I was preparing to go to bed. I figured that if I have the desire to do something why put it off until another time.

It dawn on me that as a people we take a lot of things for granted. The mere fact that you are reading this blog is astonishing as you are utilizing a shortcut that has been created for such a purpose.

Well so it is in life, there shortcuts for every aspect of our lives. What is your desire? Whatever it may be there is a shortcut for that.


Discovering a Total Shortcut to Financial Security

by Perry Richardson on August 15, 2016

Are there shortcuts in life? It’s amazing how often we take the shortcuts in life for granted. Shortcuts exists all around us because as a people we are always trying to make life easier. We live in a world that has been coining the “Microwave community” for we always want results now rather than later. […]


What is faith? A layman’s perspective

by Perry Richardson on July 21, 2016

A Leap Of Faith: Take it now

by Perry Richardson on May 22, 2016

Taking that leap of faith can be scary to begin with but when it is all said and done There is nothing like being on the other side of fear. The picture above taken by Keiroy Browne shows a snapshot of a dance routine I was performing with my dance partner, colleague and friend Atisha […]


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