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We live in a consumer-driven world that urges us to want more, buy more, spend money as a way to solve our problems and make ourselves happy. We have become addicted.
What would happen if we beat that addiction? What would it feel like?
Imagine a life where we could enjoy simple pleasures. We would have less debt, less clutter, less stuff. We wouldn’t even need storage lockers. We might even be able to work less to support buying all this stuff.
Breaking free of these desires and impulses, especially when they are drummed into us on a daily basis, isn’t easy. What if we could recognize our wants, and not be driven by them? How could we do that?
I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll share some things that work for me:
  • Recognize when you have an impulse to buy something: learn to see the impulse when it comes along, to recognize the signs. Be mindful.
  • Just because you have that impulse does not mean you have to act on it: it’s a temporary feeling, and if you recognize it and watch it, it will pass.
  • Set limits on how much stuff you have: the possibilities here are endless, and also personal. This could be about shoes, the latest mobile phone or those commemorative plates you collect. This limit isn’t to make you feel restricted, but to help you reflect before you buy something, to remind you that you already have enough stuff.
  • Enjoy simple things. I believe we already have enough in front of us, right now, that we don’t need more. We can go for a run, read a book, do yoga, write or have a conversation with someone. We can take some photos, drink a cup of tea, learn  something new. All of this, without needing to buy more or get more.
Because we are inundated every day with advertising and social media influences, it is important to remember that this is an ongoing process. We can conquer one impulse or desire, and then, sooner or later, another one will come along. If we are mindful we can develop the skill of recognizing these impulses, letting them go and being content with the fact that we already have enough. 
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