You’re Probably here because you’ve been Marketing Online and you are experiencing one of 2 things:

1. You’re Connecting with people who are interested in buying your products, but you are working like a DOG because you are not leveraging yourself using Technology and Systems and are doing everything Manually (no Automation) or

2. You Have No Clue what you’re doing, and You Just need someone to Package You Up, Spin You around, and Position You on the Internet so You can Get Your Products and Services out there!


Here’s a Marketing FACT that every Marketing Guru that has ever existed on planet earth will tell you and You Yourself probably make buying decisions the Same Way…


People Buy From People that they ‘Like, Know and Trust’

Here’s The Truth that Most will Never Pull You aside and Tell you…


  • You May Have a Great Product.
  • You May have an Awesome Opportunity!
  • You May Provide THE Best Service EVARRRRRRR…..

But if you’re not giving people a Good Enough Reason to TRUST You and want to Buy From You…

You Will Continue To Spin Your Wheels!


It wasn’t Long Ago that I myself was GREEN and Wet behind the ears not fully understanding how all these Internet Puzzle Pieces Worked.

And Because it took me a while to figure it out, I made it My Mission to help Other People Get out of the Confusing Rabbit Hole of Endless Information and Help them BRAND and PACKAGE their Business Online in a way that they could

  • Automate 90% of their Business
  • Position Themselves as an Authority in their Niche
  • Attract Unlimited Leads 24/7 Even while they are sleeping
  • Provide the Tools and Resources to Make it all happen


How Working Together Helped Set Jon FREE in His Business

Here’s What happened to My Client Jon Gustin After Working With Me on Improving His Online Marketing Efforts for His Business:

Meredith Increased Her Leadflow AND Not only Made a Sale but Also Enjoyed an Upsell Sale As Well

See Here’s The Thing…


Not Every Blog Designer is a Marketer.

(and not Every Marketer is a Blog Designer)


With Me, You get BOTH.

I’ve been helping Launch Businesses for over 10 Years (including Offline Local Businesses)

I’ve also Worked with Celebrities and Top 6 and 7 Figure Earners Alike to help them package their brand and build their online presence with their WordPress Blog so that they can continue marketing their businesses, 24/7 even while they are sleeping.

Here’s the Website of one of My 7 Figure Clients, Freddy Melero who is A Top Earner in His Company

Freddy Melero Network Marketing Leader

When You’re Working with Celebrity Clients and  People of Freddy’s Calibur a HIGH LEVEL of Trust is Required.

But How on Earth did a Work From Home, Homeschooling Mom to 3 (Amazing) Boys Attract Celebrites and 7 Figure Earners to Help them Create their Online Presence and Leverage Their Business?

Well it was actually a combination of things including my Uncanny Charm and Good Looks (Just kidding!, Well I am pretty charming =)

But I positioned myself online as someone of VALUE, and through providing help, tips and resources I was able to Connect with people, who connected me with others and the Rest is History.

In Short..

I positioned myself as someone of VALUE and an Authority in My Niche (which is Helping Small Business Owners establish their Web Presence online and position them to Sell their Products and Services while Building their BRAND)

And Used the Networking Skills I Acquired Using This System, to help me get connected to these amazing people.

I have over 500+ Connections on Linked In and am Considered a Super Connector.

Here’s a Screenshot of the people who have Endorsed My Skillsets and Attributes on this Professional Networking Site:

Barbie Figueroa Linked In

Linked In Endorsements

 I’m Not Just a Blog Designer and Marketer, But I also Own my own Branding & Marketing Company

Personal Branding for Profit


I’m not just an Online Marketer and Blog Designer, I also OWN My Own Branding and Marketing Company. I have gone through the process of setting up my own Proprietary business, and I’ve been in business for over 5 Years, servicing both Online Clients and Offline Clients such as Home Builders, Mortgage Bankers and Attorneys, just to name a few.


The Bottom Line is I can help You Cut through the Chaos and Help You Plant Your Flag on the Internet and Start building Your Business in an Automated, Leveraged Way so You can Both Attract Your Target Client but Also Have a Life.

I Do that By Helping You:

  • Setup your Blog/Website Also known as your ‘Home Base’ On the Internet
  • Help You ‘Cash in On Your Passion’ and Create a Brand that Reflects YOUR Energy, Your Vision And Your Mission
  • Position You To Build Your Own List of Leads that You will be able to Generate online 24/7 Even While You’re Sleeping.
  • Help You Craft an ‘About Page’ On Your Website that will help You Do all the ‘Telling And Selling’ so your Website Can Continue to Sell For You even if you’re Out at the Beach, Working out, or Doing whatever it is that You Enjoy doing)
  • Brainstorm Ideas for a Lead Magnet Give away that will help You Attract Leads To Your Opt-in Page like a Moth to a Flame.









This is a Beautiful MLM Custom Branded Blog Package.

This Package is for the Network Marketer who wants to Stand Apart from the Crowd and Position Themselves as a Leader in the Industry.

My Company, Created this Beautiful, Functional Blog For My Client, Angel Johnson.  You Can See Her Blog at:

Angel is using Blogging as one of her Online Marketing Methods to Build Her Business Online as well as using her Blog as a way to Leverage Herself and as her Home Base on the Internet, that will allow potential prospects to get to Know, Like and Trust Her.


What’s Included:

  • Premium WordPress Theme ($70 Value)
  • WordPress Installation and Configuration. ($99 Value)
  • Custom Designed Header ($147 Value)
  • Custom Coded Matching Colors & Graphics ($99 Value)
  • Custom Coded Optin Form that Connects To Your Aweber Autoresponder Account. ($79 Value)
  • Setup of 5 Pages on Your Blog. ($99 Value)
  • Simple Logo and Slogan ($129 Value)
  • My Story Coaching ($99 Value)
  • My Story Cheat Sheet ($37 Value)
  • 3 1-on-1 30 Minute Phone Coaching ($441 Value)
  • Help Create Opt-in Lead Magnet ($97 Value)
  • Connect LeadMagnet to Sales funnel ($47 Value)
  • Connect Sales Funnel To Your Presentation or Offer ($149 Value)


Total Value $1639.00


Your Price: $1,497



You Can Also Purchase These Items Separately, But The Ultimate Branding Package Offers the BEST Value For Your Money.

Here’s a Testimonial from My Colleague and Friend, Mark Harbert, who is a Respected Name in the Network Marketing Industry.

I have been working with Entrepreneurs for over 10 Years, helping them Launch the Online Presence.

And YES, that includes Daytime Celebrities..

I was in Charge of the Branding and Creatives for both the ‘Soap Dishes The Cookbook Cover’ and Websites and Web Assets, and You’ll see My Name on the Foreward Page inside of the Book Below.

(Here’s the Proof, in case You Were Wondering) =)

Soap Dishes The CookBook Cover

Soap Dishes Forward


Here’s Another Testimonial From My Client and Celebrity Personal Fitness Trainer – Jon Gustin

Jon GustinBarbie has opened my eyes to this beautiful world of marketing. When I decided to further my business online I had no idea what I was doing. Barbie walked me through the whole process at a pace I could follow and learn. Barbie not only teaches you how to grow you business, she also motivates you. I am now running my whole business through my website and thanks to Barbie, it’s a huge success!





You Do not Have to Worry about a thing.

Once You make your payment, We’ll Take Care of the Rest.

Our Goal is to Provide a Beautiful Aesthetically Pleasing Stand Alone WordPress Site that Brands You as a Leader in the Industry or in Your Respective Niche.


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