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Is it better to Read a book or listening to an Audiobook?

Once I got home, after doing my daily activities, I dedicate at least 30 minutes of reading about the same topics. Then I started to think, which of the two methods of capturing information is better for me, reading a book or listening to an audiobook?

An Interview with Sonja Davis. From the corporate world to the Online Marketing.

With two degrees on her curriculum, she got tired of the corporate

world, and decided that it was time to take action as an entrepreneur

because Sonja wants to spend more time with her family, and simply

to stay at home.

Interview to Bradley Dennis and his experience at the 5 stars Mastermind

In this video, which I did it in English and Spanish, you

will hear how passionate is Bradley about the opportunity

of working online, and what’s his plan to help others in

the process.

3 POWERFUL reasons to sorround yourself with leaders! Mastermind in a Mansion from Las Vegas!

It is very difficult at first to have to leave your area of
comfort, but it is something totally new, you learn a lot,
you get new experiences, and allow yourself to know how
you act in nontraditional situations!

2 Simple Astral Projection Techniques you can apply

When you are in complete silence, you will listen to a small whistle, next to your

ear. You do not listen to the whistle throughout the day because of all the noise

around you, but once in silence, you will hear it.

5 Facinating Similarities between Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and other Great Masters

There are some very interesting similarities between Jesus, and

some others great masters that lived in the world such as Buddha,

Krishna, Horus, Mithra, Dionysus, Attis, and Zoroastro.

So was Jesus the only one who resurrected from death?

Was he the only one who was born from a Virgin mother,

and work miracles?

It’s everything true from the story of Jesus Christ, or it

was created with the history of other great human beings?

I think you should check it out and take out your own conclusions!

Our DNA is Extraterrestrial according to its Discoverers

The most outstanding part of their discovery of the DNA and the RNA

are the declarations both did. They believed that DNA necessarily was

an engineering work created by extraterrestrial intelligence.

Someone must have to develop the great structure capable of combining

itself in infinite sequences, hold on sugar compounds together with phosphate.

For them, there was no doubt, WE ARE AN ALIEN CREATION!

1 Amusing Message of Conscious Self-Activation

As you feel, as you go deeper into the layers of the unknown become the place where your

soul feels at rest and you come to understand that this matrix, this creation, on this plane

of existence is just for your re-creation and expansions as children of the sun.

Be light of heart, stay close to the voice of the inner child and become eager more and more

to create in your own power and in your own light.

7 Unusual Questions about the Anunnaki

Also, they feed themselves from our energy. For some reason, is like

they absorb the energy from our bodies, but through intense feelings

such as suffering.

In other words, they treat us as their batteries. This concept is clearly

stated at the Old Testament in the Bible when Yahweh ask The Jewish

to start making sacrifices on his name.