Networking with Niamh

Networking with Niamh

One Woman's Journey to Freedom with a Home Business

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Winning the Story Wars: How to Quit Being Slimy and Become a Proud Marketer!

Marketers wield enormous power! When you learn how to stop inflicting pain and manipulating others you can market in a powerful empowering way! This book will teach you how.

Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength (Book Review)

I’ve always thought willpower was too weak to use. After reading this book I realized that it’s actually something I use every single day, and with the right tools and knowledge I can boost my self-control, get more out of my days, make better decisions, and move always in the direction I want!

How to Apply the 3 Decision Factors to Your Network Marketing Plan

Creating Your Marketing Plan based on the 3 Decision Factors that make people join your network marketing business.

The 3 Decision Factors: Why People Join Your Network Marketing Business

All buying decisions in network marketing stem from these 3 factors, understand them and you can create a business that flourishes!

3 Brain Tricks to Unleash Creativity in Your Blog Content

I used to think I wasn’t a creative person. Turns out creativity is just a habit we can fall out of. Use these tricks to rewire for creative thinking!

Why You Will NEVER Achieve Your Dreams (and That’s a GOOD Thing!)

Everyone invents dreams in their head… The ideas of how life could be better, and how when we get there Continue Reading

Autopilot: The Art and Science of Doing Nothing REVIEW

3.5/5 Stars
A fascinating book on neuroscience, complexity, and what happens inside our brains both when we think and when we don’t!

50/50 Challenge Tracker: Full List of Finished Books

This year I am taking on the 50/50 challenge! I will be reading 50 Fiction books and 50 Non-fiction books Continue Reading

4 Weird Obscure Books That Totally Changed How I See The World

These books are a little weird, and probably you haven’t heard of most of them. But all of them changed how I see the world, and pivoted the direction my life was going!