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How To Change Your Beliefs

Share this post and help spread the love!Should you ever change what you believe in? Of course, what you believe Continue Reading

John Wells Empower Network Story

Very cool story of how John Wells went from passing out the escort cards on the Las Vegas strip to earning money online buy blogging.

Brené Brown TED Talks

One of my favorite and most powerful TED Talks I have seen. Brené Brown TED Talks she did in Houston has some parts are funny, other parts are very moving. Most of all it is life changing.

Yevo Review Can It Bring You Your Dreams?

Share this post and help spread the love!Yevo just launched recently (February 2015) in the US and has plans to Continue Reading

Best Way To Build Muscle At Home

Ever wanted to get toned, become a little bigger and get in the best shape of your life? Of course you will have to workout for this to happen, but what if you don’t like going to the a gym or if you don’t want to spend a lot on free weights or a weight machine. Is there any hope of getting into the shape you want?

If you want to get toned or bigger muscles you have to have some type of resistance training. Most use free weights for this. You can always go to a gym and use their free weights and weight machines and cardio equipment they have there.

This is a good option for some, but for others this can take too much time out of their day from driving to the gym and then waiting to use the equipment if it is very busy. A gym can be very intimidating for some. So the gym is not a good solution for everyone.

These people could make a home gym. However, the free wieghts and machines do take up a lot of room and they do cost a lot to buy.

So is there a solution for those who do not want to go to the gym or buy all the free weights?

Luckily there is.

My Favorite Tony Horton Quotes

If you done P90X or seen Tony Horton on TV you know he loves talk. He sometimes has some great quotes, sometimes they are funny, corny, or things that can help you in any thing in life. Here are some great quotes from Tony Horton.

How P90x Has Impacted My Life

I am sure you have seen the infomercials for P90X by now. Heck, they are up to P90X3 now seen that infomercial earlier today. I got the original P90X program and have been through it a few times. It has impacted my life in number of ways, especially in fitness.

A Learning Hack That Will Allow You To Learn And Master New Skills Fast

Ever wondered how you can learn a new skill fast? Here is a hack that will allow you to learn any new skill fast.

3 Hilarious Black Nerd Videos Including a Cameo

Who do you like on YouTube? Or do you just watch funny or interesting videos your friends share on social media or ones you see on other websites? I tend to be more of some one who watches other videos shared on social media. However, there are a few people I subscribe to and enjoy watching their videos when they upload them. One of those is Andre Meadows are better known as his YouTube Channel Black Nerd.