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A lot of the so called “leaders” in the network marketing
space preach about getting traffic and generating more
and more traffic but the truth is….
Traffic is UNLIMITED…
No matter what business your in YOU CAN GET
There is never going to be a drought of traffic especially
in the “make money” space.
There’s over 7 BILLION people in the world and each one
of them want to be more successful then they currently are.
Everyone wants a change!
I’ve been pretty successful in my business and I’m always
looking to DO BETTER!
There’s tons of different sources that you can get traffic from.
You can do media buys, FB traffic, Twitter traffic, Pinterest traffic,
Instagram traffic, Google, Bing, SEO, article writing, CPV traffic,
Solo-ads and traffic agencies like the one I use

If you have the time to learn how to effectively use one of these
traffic sources OR if you have the budget to just buy traffic then
you will NEVER have a problem generating traffic.
Then WHY are so many marketers failing in their business?
Because they don’t know how to convert their traffic into hardcore
It’s all about CONVERSIONS.
99% of marketers fail because 99% of them don’t know how
to turn a prospect into a customer who whips out their credit
card to actually purchase traffic.
There’s 2 important ingredients to turning your prospects
(leads) into buyers.
1) Building a PERSONAL relationship with your prospects….
2) Building your brand with your prospects so that you look
like an authority while delivering value to your prospects….
I’ll go over each of these!
First let’s start with building a personal relationship with your list….
Email your list and introduce yourself. Let them know
who you are and why they should work with you.
Don’t just shoot them an email about buying your product, first
give them a reason to know and trust you.
Do you travel? Let them know!
Have you had success? Let them know!
Has anyone you’ve worked with had major success?
Let them know!
Whatever you can send out to your list to build a
PERSONAL relationship with them then do it.
Having your users follow you on social media is huge as well so
add in your social media links as much as possible!
Now this one here is super important so please pay attention!
Building your brand with your prospects so that you look like an
authority while delivering value to your prospects!
What exactly does this mean?
Well the ugly truth is that no one wants to join someone who
isn’t better then them.
Why am I going to join Sally if Sally doesn’t bring any value to
what I am doing?
How can you fix that?
Make Sally and everyone else on your list look at you like your
Make them believe that your someone who actually knows what
your doing.
Even if you don’t! Fake it until you make it!
Now that doesn’t mean to lie through your teeth about what you’ve
done but send them content in something that may help them with
their business.
Also provide a ton of upfront value for your users.
Are you trying to sell a blogging system?
Send them information on how blogs help and you can even show
them what it would take to create their own blog WITHOUT buying
your product. Any help that you deliver to someone will make that
person a life long follower of yours.
Are you selling a high ticket coaching program?
Show them how they can start using high ticket in their business
and explain the process to them before hand.
If your able to make yourself look like an authority while delivering
value to your prospects you will see your conversions start to increase
like crazy!
Quick tip: Don’t try to make yourself a badass in every little thing
that’s out there. You only need to look good to 5% of the people on
your list because you will probably never get more then 5% of your
list to buy anyways! 
Another tip: You don’t need to be a superstar to do some research
on something then write up an email and shoot to your list. You can
probably do in less then 20 minutes and you’ll quickly start to grow
OUT of the 99% of marketers that are failing and start to fall into the
1% of the successful marketers in the industry.
See you on the TOP! 

Alex Z


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