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I remember reading my first self-help book 8 years ago, four years later I was still broke and living pay check to paycheck and frustrated with life. 3 years ago something drastically changed and it changed our lives forever. After reading countless self-help books like “Think and Grow Rich”, “How To Win Friends and Influence People

, I realize that something was missing.

Just over 2 month ago over 3,000 people came to see me and my wife speak and receive million dollar rings in Las Vegas, because they wanted to figure out how a corporate BURNOUT with imperfect English who used to live pay check to paycheck and had now earned over $1,100,000 in the past 3 years online.

Why people were on the edge of their seats listening to me speak about my story as I didn’t have any special skills 3 years ago, with very limited income and only a few hours a day after my day job to run my business until the wee hours.

Before I get in to the specific details, of the 2 LIFE CHANGING DISCOVERIES that happened to me and I want to share a little of my story so you can understand where I am coming from.

My story began when I turned 16 and my father put me in the airplane away to America. I remember being ecstatic about receiving a visa to enter the US. Upon my arrival my Mother greeted me and took me to our new home. I can still remember this cramped apartment that consisted of 20 thin mattresses spaced 8 inches apart. Imagine 20 people living in a one-bedroom apartment? At that moment, I knew that I could complain and be negative or I could embrace an attitude of gratitude and view this experience as a giant slumber party blessed by the other brave immigrants claiming a piece of the American dream.

The very next day someone had recommend I go to the “wall street” to get a job. For a moment I thought about real “wall street” where multi-million dollar transactions happen every minute. Upon my 6 am arrival by that so called “wall street” I immediately figured it wasn’t going to be easy. There were lots of men standing on the street, waiting for someone to drive by and offer them a job. I gladly did what ever had to be done. I shoveled snow, carried bricks, mowed lawns, moved furniture and did ANY job necessary for the wealthy folks who threw me a couple of bucks, usually $5 per hour. I jumped it with a passion as I learned every new word in English that I could. A lot of my peers saw the wealthy folks and were envious of them, where I only saw them as inspiration.

Throughout those difficult times in the first years of my immigrant journey I never begrudge others for their financial success, as I knew that I too would be financially successful someday.

I knew that $5 an hour in New York City wouldn’t take me where I wanted to be in life. All I ever heard study heard and get good grades and then I would be successful. For years I would wake up early to go to school and worked late into the night. This went on for years until I was handed my diploma. After going to school and working full time, I would come home and read and learn as much as I could.

Then I got my first and last corporate job as a Systems Engineer where I was placed in a cubical and was stuck doing same job every day for the 13 years while being there. Every day while I was at work I would see people there that had worked there for 30 years, seeing they’re gloomy facial expressions as if they were to stuck in life and there was no way out.

As years went by as I was sitting in my cubical I always knew there was so much more to life then just working a job I didn’t care about. I knew I had so much potential inside of me, I just didn’t know which direction to go. The worst thing in life for me was living a life full of regret. I decided if I was going to make change now, when was I going to?

I was very grateful for my job because it provided a roof over my family. The company gave me the opportunity to have a job I was proud of. At the end of the day it was just a job and no matter what position I had it wouldn’t provide the type of freedom my family deserved.

8 years ago I started to read books like: “Think and Grow Rich”, “

How To Win Friends and Influence People”, Acres of Diamonds”, Instant Millionaire”, “Start with WHY”. These books opened my imagination to levels I didn’t even know believe existed.

What impacted my life the most, there is one word that comes to mind, that word changed my perspective in many aspects of life; word – “BELIEVE!” Believe in yourself! Have a faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

After reading these amazing books and working on developing my skills I started to believe in my powers, more and more. The believe factor started to grow in many different ways. I started to share my visions of my future with my friends and family. I didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for when I shared my excitement. A lot of my friends and family said “Alex why are you dreaming way out of your league?” They would look at me and think I m crazy for thinking I was more than employee. At times it hurt a lot when people closest to me didn’t even believe in me. Then I realized not a single one of them was living the way I wanted too.

My biggest motivation in life was to give my children the life I never had. I didn’t want them to face struggle like I did growing up. I was willing to do whatever it took to provide the life of freedom I always dreamt about. In the process of the crazy hours I was working to make my dreams come true, I was missing precious time away from my children. I remember one time when I was working on my business after coming home, my daughter said: “Lets play Daddy” and I had to tell her that I had to work and she couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to spend time with her as I needed to continue work. My heart was thorn apart, as my wife would be putting them to bed as I proceeded on working on my business. I couldn’t ever forget my daughter’s sad expression in her eyes as she was walking away from me. My heat trembled and that’s where I knew I had to do what ever it took for me to create that time of freedom of spending anytime that my children would require of me.


1. My Mentor.

After 4 years of spinning my wheels I realized nothing is going to change if I continue to do the same thing. I was a hard worker and I was coachable but without the right information I was going further away from my goals, each time I worked. I decided to seek out a mentor who had exactly what I desired in life. My mentor was extremely busy person and I had to figure out a way to benefit him also.

Up until this point I been taken advise from all the wrong people and I was nowhere close to my dreams I been always dreamed about. My mentor shared with me the methods that were valid in today’s market place and not outdated information. My mentor also shared with me how to overcome fear.

One of my biggest insecurities was my thick Russian accent. I knew I was a smart guy and I couldn’t always express verbally what I wanted. I remember talking at times and people making fun of my accent and it would set fear tingles through my body.

My mentor said to me: “Alex, the people that are judging you are doing nothing great with their life, do not let their opinion dictate your future”. And then he also told me “Alex, who is more important to you than your wife and your children?” My reply to my mentor was “Nobody”. Then don’t let any negative “Naysayer” steal your dream, because your family is worth fighting for!

From that point forward anytime anyone made fun of my accent, I realized that they were coming out of place of hate vs. love and that they probably only spoke one language. Once I was comfortable in my own skin, my confidence grew to a level that I never felt before and my whole life changed.

November 2011 with the new information my mentor shared with me I made $9,000 in one single month and at my day job was earning much less then that. That was truly life changing for me, because for 4 years I was struggling to even make a profit. It was just mind-blowing for me that the right information could change my life so quickly. Now I understand why they say: “who you know matters”, because my uncle Boris wasn’t going to show me how to become wealthy.

2. The right business model.

I remember trying so many different businesses for the past 5 years without any real successes. I remember chasing all my friends and family to buy these “miracle juices”, but I always ended up loosing money and the closet full of juices and pills I didn’t even need. And then it got so bad, my family and friends stopped taking my calls. I remember driving thousands of miles to do hotel meetings and making no money in return. I started to say to my self: “I m never going to get reach with this business model!”

I started to think about the lifestyle I wanted to create and I decided I would have to start a internet business, because I wanted to be able to work from home, anytime I want to, if I wanted to take a 2 week vacation in Caribbean with my laptop, I could. If I wanted to spend a day or two or three with my family, I could, or being able to attend all of the resettles for my children’s school, I could.

I knew the Internet was the future of the world. I don’t share this to brag, but last month, I made $57,000 – in one single month! Back in the days, when I just started my corporate job, that amount would equal my annual salary! I have to give so much credit to my mentor for sharing how to select a correct business model that works for me.

2 years ago I was able to leave my corporate job of 13 years. The amount of joy that filled my heart was unexplainable joy and pride. Now I knew that I have this successful business model I m able to share my life with my children. After the 5 years of struggle people making fun of my accent, family and friends doubting me it was all worth it at the end.

Every highly successful entrepreneur who achieved anything great in life didn’t just figure things out on their own.

It all starts with having the right mentor. Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Grant Cardone, even the late great Jim Rohn had Earl Shoaff as his mentor, Tony Robbins had Jim Rohn as his early mentor, Brendon Burchard had a lot of different mentors even Oprah had mentors.

All pro athletes achieved world-class results because of the mentors who believed in them and challenged them and accepted no BS and excuses.

I couldn’t imagine being where I am today without having the right mentors in my life.

The right mentor will challenge you and stretch your thinking and believe in you more than you even believe in yourself and help you step outside of your comfort zone so that you can grow into the person you need to become.

He will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

I’m so grateful that my mentor believed in me and didn’t buy into my story about how I can’t do something, because he deeply cared about me.

I’ve had many mentors in my journey to success but there is one mentor that made the most difference in my life. He was the one working side by side with me on a daily and weekly basis.

He was the one I always turned to and keep turning to for help and getting to the next level. He’s been through the journey I wanted to embark on and got the results I wanted so I listened, paid attention and took ACTION.

He would tell me, “Alex, you can either make money or you can make excuses, but you can’t make both.”

Once I discovered the right mentor for me, everything shifted in my life in an instant and my dreams and desires became a reality. How do you know if you found the right mentor?

That’s a great question.

First of all in my experience they choose you, because the right mentors don’t want to work with everybody.

You have to seek them out and when they show up in your life you’ve got to be ready and open to receive the mentoring.

Second, trust your intuition, if it feels right then you’re probably in good hands.

You can expect a FAST CHANGE in your life by following these TWO AMAZING DISCOVERIES.

Now that I have attained FREEDOM in my life, it’s my mission to pay it forward to others.

My biggest passion is helping aspiring entrepreneurs to win their freedom in life…financial freedom, mental, spiritual and time freedom, as I believe it’s our most valuable asset in life.

To have the time and the money to have more CHOICES in life.

I have been privileged to mentor, coach and train hundreds of people, many of whom have gone to build 6-figure incomes and increased their wealth substantially.

Are you ready to have the breakthrough you’ve been looking for and learn everything you need to know to generate 6 figures or even 7 figures?

Right now I’m taking on my next small group of students to personally mentor and work closely with over the next 90 days.

Those who become part of this group can pretty much EXPECT RESULTS.

This unique and time sensitive opportunity is only for people who are coachable, and hungry for change.

You must be willing to invest in yourself, must be committed to your dreams, and must be willing to put in the work to make it happen.

If this describes you and you’re not afraid of embracing your inner powers to be a source of good and light unto the world, then allow me to HELP YOU become a master at making money online..


Complete the “3 Steps” below if you’re interested in this Special Opportunity:

Step 1 – Comment “I want to be personally mentored” below

Step 2 – Send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE telling me you want more info.

Step 3 – Share this message with others if it resonated with you
I will leave you with one of my favorite Napoleon Hill Quotes.


“I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I DEMAND of myself persistent, continuous action toward it’s attainment”

P.S. Looking forward to personally connecting with you as soon as you complete the 3 Steps above.

Go ahead and comment, share and shoot me a private message now because I respond to messages in the order I receive them. Please keep in mind, that I receive hundreds of messages daily, so please be patient if I don’t respond immediately.

I make it a point to invest 2-3 hours per day personally responding back to everyone, even when I don’t feel we will be a good fit to work together,

I still have a free gift to give you.

I’m at a stage in my life where I just want to provide Inspiration, Motivation & Education for Transformation to as many families as possible.

Have a Blessed Day,

Alex  Zubarev

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