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Melt Stress Away–Join the Adult Coloring Book Crowd!


Adult Coloring Books are so exciting that my last post got on FIRST PAGE of GOOGLE!!

Adult COloring on First Page of Google!   ⇒

Why is this so? What’s so great about coloring?  It is a little like meditation, or Tai Chi. As you color, your mind focuses more and more on the task at hand. 

You shed all the inner mind chatter about what is wrong, what needs to be done, or who you were supposed to be.

For a moment, you become only one task: repetitive movement and simple choices.

In that moment, your mind can relax. Your body relaxes. Everything slows down.

There are many new artists making coloring books for adults.  I am one of them.

I began life drawing, and even graduated from college with a Fine Arts Degree….. it took me that long to realize that what I enjoy is drawing.  I knew I couldn’t make a living drawing things, so I went a different path.

I became a hypnotherapist and counselor, and have loved my life deeply.

However…. my friend came to me excited about an Adult Coloring Book she’d bought and asked me why I didn’t make one.       !!!    Why not indeed??

At the same time, I am friends with a young man in Gambia, West Africa who is struggling hard to support his mother, two brothers and his incapacitated older brother. His finest possession is his cell phone (we are FB friends) so I asked him to send me pictures of his town.

I am making drawings from his pictures.  Well!  I am now drawing almost full time….

My Gambian friend, Musa, and I have a deal: he sends me pictures and I have made him an Adult Coloring Book. Proceeds from this book, called “My Friend Musa” will go to him, to help support his family. His dream is to buy a donkey, so he can carry firewood to the market to sell.

Click here to see:   My Friend Musa    

When you buy this coloring book– for $1.00 or any amount you would like to contribute—I send the funds go to him.

I have branched out into other themes!   In my Etsy store (WritersKnook) you will find my other Adult Coloring Books. Please do visit.   They are right HERE.

My drawings are naturalistic. The small modulations in the lines give vibrancy to the overall picture and will enhance your creative addition through color!

All you need is a set of color pencils. Some people love to go beyond color pencils into gel pens, cotton swabs, water-enhanced pencils and more!   Here is an example of one done by the generous lady in the print-shop, with magic markers!

colored with magic marker.jpgAnd, to get you started…. Here is a drawing of women in the Plaza Market in Guatemala. The story of how and why I was there is in the book, “An Armchair Tourist in Guatemala”.

at the market in Guatemala,jpg


Happy Coloring!   Kate

PS.  the link to the books is HERE.

and remember: Guatemala is ALL about color!! Feel free!!


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