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by Kate Bowditch



20-20 Insight,  Advanced Theory and Practice of Hypnosis

by: Kate Bowditch, MA, LMHC

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Advanced Theory and Practice of Hypnosis

 20-20 Insight is a practical hypnosis guidebook for both the practicing therapist and for all those who are curious about just how the inner, or subconscious mind makes sense of the events of our lives.

Examine many topics with in this book, such as:

  • Clinical Truth
  • Past Life Awareness
  • Dream Work
  • Reclaiming Self-Confidence
  • and more

Readers of all types will deepen their understanding of the inner images, feelings, and memories we hold.

This book is for you, the non-counselor, curious about your own mind. 20-20 Insight shines a light on the way your mind works when you aren’t noticing!

As a teacher of hypnosis and counseling, I wrote this as an excellent student manual. It is a rich mine for coursework development.

By exploring the many case histories included, the student, teacher, therapist and “untrained curious” will gain new knowledge of the subconscious mind, and how to initiate change.

The work’s bonus is a set of four powerful scripts for the therapist to copy and use.

20-20 Insight is an easy and vital work for those venturing into the world of the mind, be you therapist or traveler.

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The Mountain and the Shadow, A Pagan’s Journey Into Death

by: Kate Bowditch, MA, LMHC.

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How does a Pagan Person think about death?

How does such a person face his own death?

This unblinking end-of-life journal addresses some of these questions. It is a record of the experiences surrounding my husband, Vernon McCoy, and me as he battled cancer.

Vernon decided to walk his Final Journey on the Pagan Path without chemicals, and with incredible grace. He and I were able to see and benefit from the many other-worldly visitors who came to help us, including the mysterious Bird Woman, who taught us about strength and about dance.

We learned to truly accept the love and generosity of our “village”of friends. Find out about all this and more…


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“7/7/08 (from my letter to a friend)

“I stand in wonder about this process that Vernon and I are going through.

He is leaving his body more and more, and it shrinks before me.

The house is filled with love and grace; no anger, no woe, no meanness—it seems to be simply happening around me, yet I am part of it.

He and I are planning his Farewell Ceremony; others come to ask him about death and dying. He talks with them. He is listening as I read to him of the death experiences of others…no hiding, no pretending that he is going to get well.

And how comforting all this is!!

Yet…I am helping him prepare for a journey away from me for the rest of my life.”

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“Kate, I purchased and read your book. I loved it, so honest from an outsider’s point of view it was a dignified death (yes as an ex-nurse I do understand about the messy stuff) and an extraordinary dignified dealing with widowhood. I salute you.”       Elizabeth

“It is lovely, poignant and inspiring.
What a gift to share your journey in such a pure way.” S.

“Your truth in expression, your beautiful written words,  helped me experience  the reality of  the physical body passing of someone you love unconditionally and recognizing the soul’s transition of another is part of the life experience your soul has asked for.” K.

“Your writing is splendid and colorful.” L.

P.S.: Some essentials of the dying process:

  • In order to die, you must let go of everything, including the breath.
  • Loved ones will come around you if you let them—both the living and the dead.
  • Most likely, someone will come to get you—you won’t be alone.
  • Spirit is everywhere…especially in animal form.
  • It’s OK to cry , it’s OK to laugh.
  • So much more…

Sometimes the living get a chance to see the departed again; a sort of view of the beyond.

I got such a chance… click on this blue LINK  to order your copy today.       Kate




The Ghosts of Newgrange

by: Kate Bowditch

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“Ghosts” is an astonishing record of Past Life Experiences. They began suddenly and  unexpectedly by my husband, Vernon McCoy, shortly after we returned from a trip to the British Isles.

These experiences concentrated upon the earliest years of Irish history, in a sacred place and

tourthe Ghosts of Newgrange, by Kate Bowditch, her book about ancient Celtic ways.jpgist attraction called “The Mound of Newgrange,” near Dublin, Ireland.

Through these experiences, Vernon was able to rebuild some of the early ceremony there.

These foundational bits of memory reveal the historical nature of thought and beliefs at that time.

The early northern-European Pagan Way is revealed anew.

With careful interweaving of background research and these remembered details of ceremony and belief, Newgrange emerges as a place of immense spiritual power. 

This book re-defines Newgrange as the Heart and Mother of the Pagan Lineage, and our great ancestral spiritual home.

Quotes from the book:

“The time was the Solstice and the Shaman’s body had been held for this ceremonial day.

The people believed that the Winter Solstice was the only morning in the year when a person’s soul could be freed from the body and from this earth.”  (Click here to find out how…)

“The energy (of the Mound) roars like a river. The energy is pouring out of the opening…(Being within the energy) allows us the ability to be beyond the pettiness that surrounds us.”

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Early Beliefs revealed:

  • The soul is constantly traveling from the Unknown (Universe) to the Known (World) in an endless cycle.
  • This is accomplished through sexual union of humans on the WorldlyPlane for life on Earth, and sexual union of Sky and Earth on the Universal plane for return to the Unknown. (Find out how…!)
  • Newgrange remains a huge source of soul energy for all Pagans, and for Ireland. It is our Ceremonial Home.
  • So much more…

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