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Grandma’s in the House! 

She’s making Adult Coloring Books for Everyone.

Have you seen the exciting new hobby that many
are enjoying?   They are Adult Coloring Books. They’ve been reborn!

Imagine! What we enjoyed as children has grown up with us.

Now the themes are less childish and more reasonable for us as grown-ups.

As you know, I’ve been a therapist and an artist for many years. Now you can enjoy the Stress-Melting fun of the Adult Coloring Books that I have drawn!

See my Adult Coloring Books right here!

(It’s way beyond crayons–now it’s colored
pencils, gel-pens, glitter and more!)

I draw free-handed, naturalistic, color-ready
pictures. The tiny modulations
in my drawings help maintain the creative
spark and the look that you will truly love as
you add your own colors to the artwork.

You can print the sample of “An Armchair Tourist in Guatemala” above (best at 8.5 X 11 inches) and find what a pleasant, relaxing experience it is to color. No rules, no limits–

My video-post about them is right here!


I’ll be adding more books as time goes on, too, so stay tuned!

For those of you who read about “My Friend Musa”-–thank you for your contributions! Musa is a young man in Gambia, West Africa, who struggles daily to feed his Mother, two little brothers and an ill older brother. I made two drawings, ready to print and color, and put them into a book called, “My Friend Musa.” The drawings are from photos that Musa has sent me. I am donating ALL proceeds from the sale of this book ($1.00! only!) to Musa to help him and to encourage him to continue taking pictures.

Musa’s goal is to buy a little donkey to help haul firewood to sell in the market.  Because some of you responded so sweetly, I was able to send him some money–he was so happy! He’s not “there” yet, so let’s continue to help him out!

A Donkey for Musa.jpg

Musa and the donkey he hopes to buy.


Happy (and Colorful) New Year!   Kate


P.S.  Let’s talk under my favorite tree! Click here for my video.   

Go straight to my books Here.

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