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Outside and Happy


Hello!  That’s me there. I’m Kate Bowditch. I’m so glad you stopped by this page.

I’m a person who is happier outside than inside. I’m happier with my hands in the soil, or in a plant, than I am in a social “do.”

Yet, I also am a “mind-walker”—that’s a term that came to me when I thought about how I love to engage with people who are struggling to understand their own fears and blocks, and get past them into the broad light of their own possibilities.

I’m really good at doing that. I like being good at what I do –do you?

What do you do well?

According to the government, I “retired” a while ago.

Let’s be real…. counselors don’t “retire.”

That’s just a governmental box for those of us of a ‘certain age.’  That’s OK with me, too —it sort of liberates me from the responsible, duty filled life I THOUGHT I was supposed to live. You know….job.

My blogs tell the stories.

Right now, as I have been for many years, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Hypnotherapist, writer, and public speaker. For more about that aspect of me, go: HERE.

Visit my BOOKS page. You will see what I have published. These are the books….the articles are too many to include on that page.

I joined Empower Network because, after looking at a number of internet marketing plans, this one is “authentic.”

I know the system works, is thorough, and totally supportive– I felt great from day ONE.  Read the blog

I write on this site ( I don’t duplicate–you have to read this stuff here!) and watch the videos.

Get ALL IN now and find out just what you can do with your life! As your sponsor, I will support you on your way in your new business!  …Kate







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