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No Vision = No Mojo (Day 1)

Imagine getting into your car and setting off with no destination in mind. You might enjoy the ride just for Continue Reading

The Final Steps To Close Your Prospects (The 12 Laws Of Influence Part 4)

By using the final 3 laws of influence in all your presentations and marketing your prospects will be able to make a decision to buy from you and join your busi

As Useless As A Broken Car Engine! (Laws Of Influence Part 3)

Imagine a car engine with no cylinders or pistons! The engine is useless!

Your marketing will probably be just as useless without the 3 laws of influence whi

The 12 Laws Of INFLUENCE (Part 2 – Laws 4, 5 & 6)

In part 2 of the 12 Laws Of Influence series you’ll discover steps 4, 5 & 6 which are ESSENTIAL to your ability to sell to your prospects…


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The 12 Laws Of INFLUENCE (Part 1)

What would happen if you were able to literally construct the number of sales you need to make daily in order to make the money needed to fund a life of your dr

Which One Have You Made?

I was watching the fast start training in the back office and one concept really jumped out at me that could change your entire life. When I began to start list

Video Marketing Tip – Increase Engagement

  If you want to earn money whilst sharing the message of freedom & prosperity then click here

Are You Being Short Changed?

I’m willing to bet that you’re worth a lot more than you’re being paid right now

A Hugh percentage of the population are being underpaid (blatantly ripped of