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When did “like a girl” become an insult. At least these little girls haven’t figured it out yet… let’s keep Continue Reading

15 Ways to Add Kindness To Your Life

Creating new habits of kindness can be easier than you think. Here’s 15 ways you can get started adding random acts of kindness to your daily life!

Is There An App for That?

3 apps for busy moms

How to Go from S*&t to Shift

It happens. There are times when you will have a horrible, terrible, rotten, no good, very bad day. Here’s what to do when you find yourself in one.

The Other Night I Had the Strangest Dream

The other night I had a dream that totally woke me up.

How to Make an Instant Connection with Facebook Ads

IF you’re not happy with the results of your facebook ads, chances are you’re doing this one thing wrong…

You’re Not Going to Make Money If…

You don’t learn how to do this. I heard a mentor of mine say this earlier today and it seemed Continue Reading

We Forget How Hard It Was…

A year from now will you remember how hard this is?

Building a Culture of People Just Like You

It’s much simpler than you think. In fact, it only takes one simple step to create a community of people just like you. All you have to do… Reach out.