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blogWhen it comes to making money with online blogs, there are many different opportunities available. Like regular websites, you could integrate Google Adsense, or other adverising networks such as AdBrite, or you could implement CPA offers from services like

But it doesn’t stop there.

As a blogger, you can make money by promoting affiliate products on your website, by growing a list that you can promote your own products and services to, and you can even make money by joining blog project databases, where you are paid for writing about new launches, providing feedback on company products, or in offering paid reviews for other new bloggers who are interested in gaining traffic from you.

Of course, how much money you can make will ultimately depend on how much traffic you are able to generate to your website.

The more traffic, the more lucrative your blog will be to potential paid sponsors, and of cours, with consistent traffic you can make money through commisssions from affiliate products that are purchased through your referral.

I would recommend to new bloggers that they join our team at Empower Network and focus on growing traffic before ever trying to monetize their blogs.

You need to build a reputation within your maket, generate as many back links as possible, and push your website out in front of as many potential prospects as possible before you focus on making money from your blog. You need a captive audience, a loyal following, and return visitors who hind your website informative, useful, interesting and worth returning to time and time again.

Once you have solidified yourself within the blogging community, you can then take it a step further by implementing money-making strategies into all areas of your blog, but you need to lay the groundwork first and focus on generating a steady stream of traffic to your website.

That being said, even from the birth of your website there are a few things that you should do that can be monetized in the future. One of these things involves building a list.

While you may have an RSS subscription option on your website, you need to take it a step further by implementing an autoresponder opt-in form on your site that captures your visitors information and lets you stay in touch with your subscribers.

By doing this, you are able to grow a relationship with your target market, and once you have developed that relationship, you can begin to make money with direct offers, affiliate products and referrals even before your blog is generating a lot of traffic.

To do this, you need two things:

1) Code Banter’s autoresponder plugin available free at

2) An Autoresponder Account, available at or

With these two resources, you will be able to start growing a list from the very fires day that your website is developed. All you need to do is consider what “subscription bait” (also referred to as your “opt in bribe” or “squeeze page”) you are going to use in order to motivate your visitors into becoming newsletter subscribers.

The easiest way to do this is by purchasing rights to a high quality report from places like or in outsourcing the development of a free report or ebook from an experienced freelancer on websites such as

If you are capable of writing yourself, you could save yourself time and money by developing a short report that specifically caters to your blogs themem. You NEED to make sure that what you are offering is relevant to your topic.

Once you have a report ready, you can log into your autoresponder account and create your welcome email, which is the introductory email automatically sent to each subscriber upon confirmation of their request to join your list.

This email will thank them for subscribing and will include the download link to your report.

Just like in monetizing your website, you need to first work to build a relationship with your list so that they trust your recommendations and look to you as a sound source of advice, tips and information relating to the subjects that interest them.


Spend some time engaging with your subscribers, offering them free material, information, tips and resources that will help them.


If you do this , it won’t be long before you have a loyal following of people who eagerly open up your emails, respond to your offers and genuinely investigate the products that you promote.


When it comes time to promoting products, don’t worry if you don’t have the ability to develop your own product line.  Using services like the Clickbank marketplace, you will be able to instantly locate dozens of high quality products worth promoting.


The marketplace is filled with thousands of products that you can promote.  It’s free to setup a affiliate account, so you can begin exploring potential products and services instantly.

Here is an overview of how to choose the best products for your niche:

Visit and click on the Marketplace link.  Then enter in keywords relating to your market in order to generate a page listing products and services that you can promote as a ClickBank affiliate.


Whenever you view the details of any given offer, you will see stats located under each listing, one of these statistics is called gravity.

The gravity rating in is just an estimate of the most recent sales for a particular product. The higher the gravity rating, the more popular the product is among affiliates since it appears that the product is receiving a large number of sales.

When a product also has a high gravity rating, since sales are factored in, it means that the product is converting. That’s the critical aspect of selecting a product to promote within You always want to ensure that the product you are promoting actually converts.


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