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Is She Doing Better Than Me?

How often do you compare yourself to someone else? Thinking “Is She Better than Me’….I know just how you feel because I can’t tell you how many times I thought this when I was younger…

What are You Focussing on ? – With Paul Gardiner

Do you wonder why you are not succeeding in whatever you are doing?

Well ask yourself this question, What Am I Focussing On?

I was fortunate enough to grab the Amazing Paul Gardiner, whilst we were both in Charlotte last year…

He was very happy and obliging to be interviewed…

How To Overcome the Fear and Start Manifesting

So have you ever gone through something that was So Terrifying that you really didn’t know how you were going get through, let alone overcome the Fear and Start Manifesting – start living the life you wanted?

What Would You Regret If You Died Tomorrow

Do you ever think – I don’t want to leave this earth with regrets, I do… so I ask you what would you regret if you died tomorrow?

Interestingly enough this was featured in my blog from yesterday…this is a picture of me after a sky dive – a few years ago… this was One of things I wanted to do before I died… and incidently if I died doing it, at least I was doing something I loved….

Why You Need To Step out Of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever thought ‘ Why do I need to Step out Of My comfort zone’? and how often have you done it? I mean Really out of your comfort zone….

I share with you here why … what it does for me…

Who is Your Hero

Is there someone in your life, you would just do Anything for? Mine is aside from my two gorgeous chidlren, its my mother, so yes My Mother is My Hero….

How Many People’s Lives Can You Touch Today

No Really – How Many People’s Lives Can you touch today, Literally and figurtively

we don’t touch each other enough!

During the the last year or so I started to greet people not with a handshake but a hug… I surprise people sometimes… but I just say

Be Open To Everything and Closed To Nothing

Have you ever had Amazing things happen? I mean things that really are ‘synchronistic’…

like asking for something and it ‘instantly manifesting’…?

its part of the beauty of Being Open To Everything and Closed to Nothing…

One such thing is whenever I ring my mother, which I do probably twice a week, she always says

Are You Following your Dreams

So are you following your dreams? or are you just like thousands of others out there, ‘mice on a wheel’… its so easy to take that way out.. because your dreams seem like they are so way off…but they are not… its Up To You…..