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INSPIRaction – Week 1 – Money is Everywhere…

I joined this Challenge, to ‘get out of my own way’… move past any limiting beliefs I have regards money, and believe me I have a ‘few’…… and after watching my colleagues Heather and Robert, I just thought

Lets Make This Story Viral Instead…..|Zion’s Story

I don’t watch the media… however when something just awful happens.. it reaches Facebook – so it as inevitable that Everyone would see the story of the dreadful killing of the gorgeous Lion in Zimbabwe, I apologise I don’t know the details…. simply because it had happened and I could do nothing about it – I didn’t look into it….however I did look into this, the amazing story of little Zion.. what an amazing little boy…… Lets Make This Story Viral Instead – Zion’s Story

No Triumph – No Tragedy |Giles Duley

Early in 2011, on assignment in Afghanistan, Duley stepped on a landmine. Despite the fact that the horrific accident left Duley a triple amputee, he continues to dedicate his life to telling stories through photography.

Why Share Your Story

I have been asked this a few times….

Both in the past and recently…

Why on earth do you want everyone to know your life?

Who Are You Trying to Please….

I had to share this, as it has bought me such a long way ‘baby’ :)

(You’ve come a long way baby)

I shared this in a video (see below) I posted the other day and simply had to make it into a blog…Who Are You Trying To Please

How To Never Want For Anything Again

ave you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Maybe you watched The Secret?

I was asked for advice recently, on how to attract what you desire.. so I decided to share this blog again..How To Never Want For Anything Again

The Eagle Has Landed|Following My Heart…

Just 2 months ago… I made a decision I had been ‘marinating’ on for ‘months’….

I decided to move back to the UK – leave New Zealand after 16 years… bringing both my children up, who have now left the nest…..hence… The Eagle Has Landed – Following My Heart

When Did you Last Give Some Love| HUHA

When Did you Last Give Some Love

When Did you Last Give Some Love

I lost the love of my life back in November, no it wasn’t a human love of my life

How To Make A Better World |Singapore International Foundation

For those of you who follow me, you will know that I have recently ‘relocated’ from New Zealand, where I have lived for the past 16 years – back to the United Kingdom….