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Simple Recipe for Happy Life…

Do you ever think wouldn’t it be great, if life could be simpler, life could be happier…

It Can Be and its really not that hard…hence this blog… Simple Recipe for Happy Life…

There are several things we can do to make our life happier…

How To love Yourself – with Louise Hay

Do you struggle to fall in love with yourself? Don’t worry its Soo common, too common, we tend to spend far too much time beating ourselves up… Do you focus more on what You haven’t achieved than what you have? If so then this will help you, How to fall in love with yourself…with Louise Hay

Are You Using A ‘BandAid’ to Deal with Life

Have you ever lost something or someone and felt that you had lost your best friend?

Sorry I must correct that – has someone in your life ‘died’ and you felt the loss Soo much…maybe you, like me have been Using A ‘BandAid’ to Deal with Life

I lost – aww lol… My fur baby, aka beautiful dog Zoe, died/passed away; would you believe up until very recently; I could not ‘use’ that word ‘died’ … I would say ‘Lost’ and sometimes people would look at me ‘daft’… ‘lost?’ thinking ‘you lost her’.. so now I say ‘My dog passed away/died’… and yes its very final but thats just perception….

I Have a Dream and Nothing Can Stop IT

I Have a Dream and Nothing Can Stop It….

This is a blog I did a while ago… and it made me laugh finding this as I have been going through some challenges lately…amazing how the universe brings you just what you need :)

Give, Because You Can with Tony Robbins

Ok I confess, I used to be ‘judgemental’…..
Unless someone was ‘singing’ on the street, begging, I would walk past them thinking

‘do something for the money, don’t just sit there’

Pretty heartless huh…..

How To Boost Your Confidence – with Lisa Nichols

Do you ever wish you were more confident? I know as a younger woman, I spent a long time looking at other women, wishing I was more like ‘her’ blonde or taller or longer legs… Unfortunately thats the way ‘society’ has groomed us…hence my blog..How To Boost Your Confidence – with Lisa Nichols.

How To Alleviate Fear| Anxiety and Stress

In life we All go through fear…anxiety, stress.. you name it….

fear about attending an interview

starting a new job….

Going on a date…so How do we Alleviate Fear| Anxiety and Stress?

When Did You Last Say…I’m sorry I Love You Please Forgive Me

Remember, No one really wants to be ‘at war’ with you

we just don’t know how to make things right and that EGO, gets in our way.

When Your World Falls Apart

This may sound dramatic and I certainly don’t mean it to be.. but it Absolutely can be how you feel…. So why do I write about When Your World Falls Apart..

Today I heard from two women whose relationships had recently broken down. which I know can be ‘percieved’ as your world falling apart…