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People Who Give -She did something else

I wrote this blog, sometimes last year, and decided to share again…People Who Give – She Did Something Else

I saw something and heard this story the other week and had to share

Why Should I Blog

So why should you Blog? To be honest, Until recently I could not answer this…. I just knew I loved blogging :)

I have blogged for years – however I guess I was in my own world… blogging because I was passionate about it – Not Really realising how much I was helping people…

How To Cope With Loss -Miscarriage

I share my stories through blogging and I often get messages about how I have inspired people.. and thats why… its so good, it helps you Cope With Loss – Miscarriage

How Spontaneous Are You?

You know when you see someone and you are instantly drawn to them…

Thats what happened to me about 28 years ago…

I was with some Australian friends in London – visiting one of their friends.. when their flat mate came home…

OMG – he was very tall (over six foot) with dark hair and bright blue eyes… our eyes met and ‘Boom’… apparently we both felt the same way…

Whats Your Love Language?

I saw this post on Facebook today and it could have been written for me….

I am a Nice person, really I am.., No I’m not beating my own drum… I am just saying it as it is :) you can laugh all you like :) .. I know there are lots of people out there Just like me, so …. Whats Your Love Language?

Anyway – just like this woman in this post, I can get really frustrated when ‘others’ don’t behave as I do… Yes I know Crazy huh….

Yes You CAN Change The World|The Story of the Star Fish

So many of us think how can I make a difference, ‘I am just ONE person…

btw – the person nearest you, can be YOU – yes you have to start with You… and then the next nearest person….

One Person can make Such a difference.. I pinched some of this blog from a colleague of mine….

So You Want To Blog? – Blogging 101

SI watched a training the other day, by an amazing blogger Michelle,

shes also a single mum too, just like you? perhaps (and Me!)

This is for Anyone who wants to get started in blogging….So You Want To Blog? – Blogging 101

Whose Part Are You Playing| In the Story of Your Life

Whose Part Are You Playing

One of my favourite films is the Holiday, where Kate Winsley plays a character, who gets treated really badly by a guy..

Why You Need To Feed Your Mind

I have been ‘feeding’ my mind for ‘years’.. at least 7 since I went through a particularly bad time in my life, Why Im not sorry I was bullied so I know how beneficial it is to Feed your Mind… so I wanted to share this with you… Why You Need To Find Your Mind