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Why Share Your Story

I have been asked this a few times….

Both in the past and recently…

Why on earth do you want everyone to know your life?

Who Are You Trying to Please….

I had to share this, as it has bought me such a long way ‘baby’ :)

(You’ve come a long way baby)

I shared this in a video (see below) I posted the other day and simply had to make it into a blog…Who Are You Trying To Please

How To Never Want For Anything Again

ave you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Maybe you watched The Secret?

I was asked for advice recently, on how to attract what you desire.. so I decided to share this blog again..How To Never Want For Anything Again

The Eagle Has Landed|Following My Heart…

Just 2 months ago… I made a decision I had been ‘marinating’ on for ‘months’….

I decided to move back to the UK – leave New Zealand after 16 years… bringing both my children up, who have now left the nest…..hence… The Eagle Has Landed – Following My Heart

When Did you Last Give Some Love| HUHA

When Did you Last Give Some Love

When Did you Last Give Some Love

I lost the love of my life back in November, no it wasn’t a human love of my life

How To Make A Better World |Singapore International Foundation

For those of you who follow me, you will know that I have recently ‘relocated’ from New Zealand, where I have lived for the past 16 years – back to the United Kingdom….

What Inspires You? | What Stops You?

Its been an interesting time over the last few days..

I have been so excited..

In case this is your first time reading my blog… I am moving back to the UK after 16 years in New Zealand…..

Why I’m So Darn Proud of Myself

After 16 years in New Zealand, .. I feel its time to go and spend time with my mum…..

She is both excited and also wondering ‘why’… but thats my mum for you….

I’ve moved many times before….

How an Accident Would Change My Life

Has something happened in your life, that changed your life?.. maybe like me you had an accident, that you saw as far worse than it actually was… The Accident That Would Change My Life