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Generating Leads and Cash Flow!

In this article, we will discuss the idea of generating leads for network marketing to learn and earn and generate cash flow.  Most internet marketers can’t afford an extended cash flow drain and really need to be able to turn leads into cash quickly.

We know that only 3 to 5 percent of the leads we get will end up buying our primary line, so the secret is being able to sell the other 95 to 97 percent something and generate more immediate cash flow.

As you evaluate lead generating tools, be sure to watch closely for the ones that will  give you the best training and present you with the best qualified and interested leads.  Many of us have been told to make a list of family and friends and start our prospecting there.  Well this is the farthest thing from success that you can do.  You really want to be able to reach out to people who are seriously considering internet/network marketing to generate additional income or people already doing internet marketing but having marginal success.

A good lead generating program will have extensive training to help you target your web site or blog and advertising to reach just that kind of prospect.  In the case of targeting people already in the business, you have a better opportunity to monetize your list by representing affiliate products that every internet marketer can use.  This is how we capitalize on the group that probably will not buy our primary line on the first contact.

Ideal Candidate is Someone Who Knows They Want to Enter Internet Marketing!

I have been a professional recruiter for well over 15 years and my sponsor for the first product I signed up for suggested I should really be able to utilize the hundreds of resumes I had in my data base as prospects for network marketing.

Well, that isn’t so, when a respondent contacted me, they were looking for a full time position with a definite weekly paycheck.  They weren’t searching for something in internet/network marketing and the conversion rate was almost zero.  Here I have learned to specifically target my advertising to the job seeker and explain the position in more detail to attract the individual who is serious about internet marketing.

This concept of attraction marketing is the real answer for getting interested and qualified leads to call us, not us chase them.  I am sure if you feel this is where you need to put your effort, you are asking yourself, just where are these interested parties.  Well, you won’t find them in your local Walmart nor do we suggest you start recruiting at the local airport every Friday night as the weary travelers are heading back home after being gone all week and missing out on the family activity, even though some of those people just might be very good prospects at the right place and right time.

A good lead generating program will have a strong training program if it is worth your time and the training program just might be the real advantage to attract other people to sign up through you.   All of these programs offer a variety of affiliate programs that can also be promoted as part of your marketing plan.  The emphasis is to get people participating in your affiliate programs as you build a relationship with them.  You should do a product review on the tool and post it on your blog.  You can promote to your list and on Facebook.

Not only will you be earning a commission on any affiliate sale, you are now starting to build your own list.  A good attraction marketing system will generate qualified leads for you to continue to market to.  Affiliate marketing will help you appeal to a much broader portion of the people who read your advertising.

The program explained on this blog  from Empower Network is a great way to generate cash flow almost immediately.  Since everyone in internet marketing needs a blog to market with, what better way to start than with one that is already ranked and getting a lot of hits.  It has a very strong training program which is done weekly by those who are blogging regularly.  The program has live webinars which include Q & A regularly and are recorded.


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