INFOGRAPHIC: Your Facebook Timeline is like a Storefront

Collectively our team admins dozens of pages totaling over 100,000 fans across Facebook! Some are popular, some are on their way. When Facebook launched Timeline a few months ago we designed, tested, learned, and hosted many webinars on the topic. With all of our learnings combined we’ve created this infographic comparing your Business Timeline to a Storefront.  Now timeline isn’t that scary anymore…
facebookInfograph 2 INFOGRAPHIC: Your Facebook Timeline is like a Storefront


Cali girl living the dream. I run a social media management company, thrive off learning new things and enjoy photography! Fresh markets make me happy and so helping others achieve their dreams.

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  • The Bat^i^

    This hit home DIRECTLY! What a great way to paint a picture and share the importance of why the Facebook time line can be used to create wealth. Great job Ms. Allen!

  • Duane Tilden

    I find the timeline so much better personally, totally agree!

  • Allen Wagner

    Very good way to visualize it!

  • walif

    It was so amazing post and awesome collection so that i share it my cousin and FB,Twitter friends.Great writer.Care on and write good content with more beautiful pics.

  • Dwarfs of Gothor

    great post

  • Greg Harvey

    Great infographic. Thanks.

  • AM Putra

    Pretty infographic :).



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