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aim-1AIM Transfer Factor™

is an advanced formula that supplies your body’s cells with the critical nutrients it needs to maintain or regain its healthy, youthful state. Specially designed by a biochemist, AIM offers a high antioxidant value and supports healthy immune and metabolic systems.
Featuring ingredients like marine phytoplankton, resveratrol, pomegranate extract, glutamine and more, AIM provides the nutrients and intelligence every cell needs for optimal function. Healthy, strong and high-performing cells make for a healthy, strong and highperforming body.
Add AIM to your daily supplement regimen and amp up your body’s own defense mechanisms while reigniting your metabolism. AIM is truly the best of nature enveloped in the latest sciences.



• A healthy metabolism
• Increased defense against free radical damage
• High amounts of antioxidants
• A heightened immune system
• A more healthy, balanced body
• Better moods and overall wellbeing



for MEMBERS: $39.95

without membership : $ 49.95


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Show now at FGXpress






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