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Life Hack – Heck! I though it was only me!

Napping changes your brain and makes you more creative. Heck! And I though it was only me getting up in Continue Reading

No Fooling, It’s just April

“Just Arpi” is the name of the site. Arpitha Sylvester is the authors name and I think her content is Continue Reading

7 Tips to Go from Mediocrity to Magnificent

Kyle Wilson wrote down a few ideas before his weekly radio show.  I decided to pass them along to you Continue Reading

Work that Wheel!

Learning to work the wheel is a big deal. Kyle Wilson called it a game changer. If you don’t recognize Continue Reading

A Long Due Recognition, at Last!

Drexel University honors William Sidney Pittman as the first African American to graduate from its institution. At the time of Continue Reading

Your Health is Your Real Wealth

You can make a million dollars but if you health is poor, you won’t be able to enjoy your wealth. Continue Reading

Had Heard About the Vee

I had heard about the Vee, now I see. Gary Vaynerchuk is the American success story. In his mind he had Continue Reading

Notes from a Man who was Mentor to Many

Jim Rohn was mentor to millions. Kyle Wilson was friend and business associate to Jim Rohn for many many years. Continue Reading

A Day Remembered by Many.

The Queen of England celebrates her 90th birthday, but the world mourns the death of the Prince (of music). Prince Continue Reading