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The Wall of Effortless Perfection

The wall behind me, in the picture above, is an example of SHIBUMI Shibumi is “Effortless Perfection.”  

The story behind wall is that an old man used go out into the desert, every day after work, to look for a perfect rock. He’d take one rock home each day, and would do his best, to arrange them in perfect harmony with each other, in his back yard…

Unfortunately, the old guy died last year, leaving with us his spirit, in this harmoneous wall of Effortless Perfection. I call it the Wall of Shibumi.

Below is a poem I learned from my sensei, Robert W. Cornely (…rest in peace my friend), when I first started training in Judo back in 1991…


(A Poem About Effortless Perfection)

Shibumi deals with

Great style, beneath ordinary appearance.

It is a fact so correct, it does not have to be obvious.

So honest, it does not have to be true.

Supremacy without domination.

Creativity without thought.

To shine invisibly without attracting attention.

Tranquility, that is not passive.

Being, without the angst of becoming.

It is effortless power.

Here’s a video on the 7 Qualities that Comprise the State of Effortless Perfection…

In Olympic Judo (a.k.a. The Savage Ballet) Shibumi is the maximum efficient use of effort, both physical and mental. In other words, using the opponents strength against himself…

There is Effortless Perfection in Traditions… (This is my niece’s dance company, “Ballet Folklorico de Los Angeles“)

You will find Effortless Perfection everywhere in Nature…

In sports and martial arts, effortless perfection is found in the mental state and the efficiency and anticipation of movements…

Effortless Perfection is also found in music… (This is my nephew, Sway Montoya.)

Shibumi is the appearance of simple movements, that are refined through practice…

…it’s the elegant simplicity of adapting to one’s environment with ease and imagination. 

…it’s the effortless perfection of effectiveness of a single movement or technique practiced ten thousand times.

…it’s excellence of a habit well nurtured. 

…it’s the beauty in imperfections and the perfection of simplicity.

…it’s the best of everything and yet nothing!  

When you stop searching for perfection and just do without trying to do, Shibumi opens the door to the creative substance of effortless perfection…

In essence, some things in life don’t need to be perfect…they just are…in their own way!

Make it a great day!



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