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Do you know what’s the best method for achieving your New Year’s Resolution or anything else you want in life?

The best thing to do is to create a vision.

Yes, create a VISION!

What I’m talking about is the ability to subconsciously step into the future where you can already see and feel yourself in possession of your resolution or goal, before it actually happens.

A vision will allow you to set a clear intention and take action on your purpose immediately. You see, the people who achieve massive results in their lives believe in things before they actually exist. And, that’s the difference between creating a vision and just making a list of your goals on paper…

…and most of the time it’s the difference between success and failure!

Your vision will allow you to believe that what you want to achieve is possible, and that it’s already yours before it even exist in your life!

This is the secret of great athletes and successful people…they have 100% BELIEF in their purpose and they own it way before they actually have it.

Here are some examples:

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I was!” -Muhammad Ali


“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.” -Mahatma Gandhi


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

How Do I Create A Vision and What Do I Do With It?

Let me explain to you how it’s done…

You going need a pen and a sheet of paper to do this.

Now, if you listen and follow the step-by-step instruction below that I’m about to give you, and take the required actions, then more that likely, you will achieve the outcomes that you desire.

Sounds good?

Let’s begin…

I’m going to use myself as an example and our topic is going to be weight loss and fitness, since it’s probably the most popular of resolutions.

I’ve gained over 40 pounds in the past 3 years. Ouch!!!  And I’m currently weighing 265 lbs. So, my New Year’s Resolution is to weigh 225 lbs. and run an 8 minute mile by March 31,2015.

So here’s how it’s done…

  1. Write your outcome in the present tense as if you are already there.

    This is the most important thing when it comes to creating your vision. You will be stepping into the future and writing a vision as if you are already there – as if you have already achieved it! For example, “I am standing on my scale and can see that in the past 3 months I lost 40 pounds and I’m now weighing 225 pounds.”

  2. Set A Clear Intention

    You must be very clear on what it is you HAVE achieved (remember, present tense). You must be specific, for example, instead of saying or writing down “I want to lose weight,” say “lose 40 pounds and weigh 225.”
  3. Take Action Immediately, Even If You Don’t Know How

    You will be writing a list of 10 – 20 things that you will do to accomplish your outcome, and you must take action immediately. The people who will achieve their New Year’s Resolution are the ones who have set a clear intention and take massive action and correct it as they go along.
  4. Use a 90 Day Timeline

    Your vision must be realistic, so use a 90 day timeline. No more, no less. So, your objective is to achieve your New Year’s Resolution within 90 days.

  5. How to Create Your Vision (My Example)

    The most important thing here is to be very detailed and to write your vision as if you are already there in the future. This is how you program your unconscious mind to believe that you already are what or where you want to be.

    Here’s my vision and the 10 actions that I will take to achieve it…

    “I Carlos Fletes Jr., am here in my home early in the morning on March 31, 2015. The time is 7 am in he morning, and I can feel the heat of the bright sun that’s shining through the dining room glass door. I am standing here with a huge smile on my face because I just stepped on and off of my scale and noticed that in the past 3 months I’ve lost 40 lbs., I’m just weighed in at 225 lbs., I feel strong and have been running an 8 minute mile 3 times per week on the treadmill at the gym. I feel great!  I’m thin and healthy, and looking back at the last 3 months, I cannot believe how easy it was to lose 40 lbs. in just 3 months, and here’s how I did it…

    1. I got 8 hours of sleep every night by going to sleep at 11 pm and and waking up at 7am.

    2. I drank a minimum 10 glasses of water every day. 

    3. I was at the gym every morning at 8 am sharp and did my exercise routine.

    4. I did my cardio routine on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

    5. Tuesdays and Thursdays I did my strength training.

    6. I ate protein and vegetables at every meal.

    7. I followed my meal plan to the T. (2 – 3 meals per day within 8 hours, and fasted 10 16 to 18 hours daily.)

    8. I did my flexibility exercise every day.

    9. Saturdays and Sundays were rest days.

    10. I cut out all dairy products.

Here’s What to Do Next with Your Vision…

For the next 90 days, what you must do, and you must do this starting immediately, is read your vision every single day, and take “massive action” by doing the 10 – 20 things on your list. This will allow your unconscious mind to start “believing before achieving.”

You must read your vision every morning when you wake up, each night before going to sleep, and if time permits, as many times as possible throughout the day.

Lastly, you must close your eyes, and see it in your mind every day. Imagine a picture frame of your outcome, and take a big step into that picture frame and into the future. See and feel that you are there in the “now.

Remember, that you can use this method of creating a vision and setting clear intentions to achieve anything that you desire in life.

Take care and have a wonderful new year!




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