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Hey guys thanks for stopping by my blog today!

As you can see the topic today is given credit where credit is due!

So yesterday I went to take my mothers car to get an oil change, because she’s out of town and I notice that she needed one.

While We’re sitting in a Jiffy Lube waiting on the car to be serviced, some lady walks in with an attitude as if the world owes her something or the world revolves around her!

Now, I’m not sure if you have seen people like this before – but I know when I see people like this, it just irks me…

… you know, to see a person with so much disrespect towards somebody that’s only trying to help them, by-all-means you came to there place of business!

So you have to fill out the paperwork on what oil change you would like, so of course they know where to start on your car as one of the attendants returned to her to explain to her what type of oil is recommended for the car and she agrees – “yeah that’s the one I want” well when she sees the price “Oh no no no! ‘I don’t have money like that, I want the synthetic oil”  which is the one that he recommended.

Then she ask again how much is that one, he explained “ma’am that’s the one I was trying to tell you that you needed” Oh no no no I ain’t paying that kind of money for the oil change I want this one and I have a $20 coupon.

The whole time she’s having this conversation she’s got her face looking into her phone while she’s going through Facebook or emails or whatever she’s doing, but totally disrespecting this gentleman by keeping her face glued to her phone trying to answer questions and then ask him two and three times because she’s not paying attention to what’s going on in front of her.

Now it gets a little bit more interesting because – when they came back with more recommendations, you know showing her her filter needs to be replaced, her windshield wipers were ripped (just recommendations)

Once again she’s got her face glued to her phone totally disrespecting the gentleman that’s only doing he’s job and trying to just help her!

He explain what recommendations where needed!

The whole time she’s acting like it’s their fault that her cars in the shape that it’s in and needs these certain things replaced or recommended so to speak are also there fault.

The entire time she is totally disrespecting the attendant trying to help no matter which one it was her face was glued to that phone.

Then when the attendant walk out she had the audacity to take her eyes away from her phone and blurted out to all of us sitting in the room “sounds like he’s trying to take advantage of me cuz I’m a woman.”

He walk right back in and said  “ma’am I the fathest thing from a sexist” and  I’m sorry you feel that way were only trying to give you the best service we can.”

She’s still had no respect for them, her face went straight back into her phone.

She’s acting like they’re crazy for what it cost for an oil change like they gave her a different form then everyone else!

(I just want to give credit where credit is due)

To the men that work at Jiffy Lube which is located on 58th and central in St Petersburg Florida, my hat goes off to all you guys for your total professionalism, patience and courtesy from the moment I got out of my car,

I had a gentleman walk up to me thanking and welcoming me to Jiffy Lube, and the entire time I was there I seen everyone work together as a team taking care of customers getting everybody in and out as quick as possible and were polite and courteous to everyone EVEN if the customer was disrespectful and rude.

This goes out to the people who act like the world revolves around them  – get over yourself!

You’ll be surprised on how far a kind word or gesture will get you!

Here’s a good example that actually happened at Jiffy Lube to me while I was there.

The gentleman took me outside, show me my filters needed to be replaced along with the battery having corrosion on one of the posts.

I explained to this gentleman as well that it wasn’t my car but I would pass on the recommendations.he then asked me if I had a coupon and “I said no” I was just taking care of the car for 2 weeks while my mother was out of town and noticed that she had hardly any oil like 10% which is crazy.

He actually went out of his way and gave me a coupon discount!

I believe that was because of not only his kind and courteous towards a customer – but because I was kind and courteous and respectful to him as well.

So as you can see, a kind word, gesture or action can go a long way – believe me that gentleman did not have to do that!

By-the-Grace-of-God he did, and I appreciated it and told him the same!

So my recommendation to everyone is – if the show a little love to your fellow man, a kind word, gesture or action believe me it will go a long way for you and everyone you encounter.

So let’s help change the world!

One Kind-Word, Gesture and Action at a time!

Have A Blessed Day!


Mom and Me at lunch

Took Mom out to lunch!

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