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When I work with my clients, who are first-time authors, I highly recommend that they work on a marketing program. I tell them they can get their books into a bookstore, but they have to show the bookstore liaison that they have a plan of action to get themselves known. Bookstores are not interested in selling books to just your family and friends.

I have recently found a social media marketing suite, which handles email marketing campaign with precision and ease. It has been well thought out and incorporates every possible tool needed to run a successful Book Marketing campaign.

It is so important for unknown authors to get known. Are radio and television interviews something you would like to experience? You have to have activities like book signings, workshops, and programs. You must connect with bookstores, libraries and, if necessary, schools. To also gain recognition, you have to have a game plan.

I recommend blogging. Writing consistently and as often as you can. Write to get the work out about your topic. You want to let people know about your book. Is it your story of how you came through the grieving process as a widow and found joy? I did. I wrote “Joy Comes Through the Mourning” and I blogged about it, had a couple of book signings and I also use excerpts in my biblical counseling sessions. My book, “Pearl” is the first in a series of books about a woman born and raised in the 50s and 60s. She loves to tell stories about her adventures living in two homes; one in a boarding house and one in the newly integrated neighborhood in Philadelphia.

To get the word out about this book and my characters, I created a blog written in the voice of the adult Pearl, P. J. Richardson. I distribute this blog to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. I now am learning how to create an email campaign where I can introduce my book to more readers.

In addition to the email campaign, I have purchased the Pro Max Accelerator Masters Course which is teaching how to build my Social Media Platform. I know the production side of my products and services, but I need to master the skills to market my products and service. I am very satisfied with the training videos and look forward to my vision to build a viable and successful Publishing and Marketing Platform come to fruition.

Here are some of the topics:

1) Packaging and Pricing Your Products and Services

2) Basic Social Media Marketing

3) The 5 Steps to the Sales Process

4) Website 101

5) Traditional Media

6) Writing Copy that Sells

7) Linking Your Customer/Client/Prospect’s Motivation and Sales

and more…

If you would like to expand your business to run at peak performance check out Pro Max Accelerator Masters Course.


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