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Lesson I Learned From W. Clement Stone

Many people today do not realize the significance that W. Clement Stone played in history. He was the Bill Gates of his era. His story, his life, his contributions to society, and his contributions to this business were tremendous. Most people know Napoleon Hill of “Think and Grow Rich”. There are two people he always point to for his success, Andrew Carnegie and W. Clement Stone. Carnegie got him started on his life’s work and Stone continued where Carnegie left off.

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A Lesson I Learned From Mark Hamilton

Would you like to live forever? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a society where death was unknown. Mark Hamilton and his father-in-law Dr. Frank R. Wallace, discoverer of Neo-Tech®, have given their lives to such a vision. They have been very maligned because of such thinking. And if this were their only objective, I would not have been a follower of their concepts.

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Paintings – About Never Pay Retail For Artwork.

Do you enjoy great art? I went through a period where I stopped at every art museum and gallery. I bought originals, artist proof serigraphs, and limited editions. They tell you to never collect art with the thought that it may become more valuable. I found out why they tell you that. Would you like to know????
Just like a new car is never worth what you originally paid for it, artwork is never worth what you pay a dealer.
I will give as an example the photograph above of one of my pieces of art. This a Salvador Dali. I had just toured the Salvador Dali exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum and wanted to own one of his paintings. I could not buy one of the exhibit pieces so the next time I was in Las Vegas, I was amazed that they had some limited edition lithographs starting at $2700. I bought the one above and hoped it would increase in value.
Now I know better. Never buy from a dealer and never pay retail for anything. Just because we make a lot of money using the Empower Network; see income disclaimer doesn’t mean you should waste the money.

Let me show you where you can get a real steal on almost anything.

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2 Very Informative Mindset Videos

The videos I am sharing today are some I created a few years ago. I wanted to teach people how to become successful. They focus mostly on mindset. Until your mind is right you really cannot make it when trying to run a business.

Most people get into habits that then take over their lives. It is extremely difficult to overcome these habits.If you have always had a job. then you are used to trying to get by doing the least you need to do to get a paycheck and not get fired. In business for yourself, it has to be just the opposite. Many people are never able to make this transition.
This is just one example of mindset shift, there are a hundred others..

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Motivation in Motion

Do you have days when it is just hard to get out of bed? Would you like to have a life where you were always so excited that you couldn’t wait for the day to begin? You can have that life.
Read motivational materials. Have motivational quotes constantly running through your head. Always have a plan of action. Make up a list every night of the things you will accomplish before the day is over. Make sure to finish each task. Motivational quotes will help you accomplish these tasks.

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