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Top 100 Music Recording Studios Globally

Have you ever had a studio that you dreamed about recording in? Maybe it’s just going to Nashville or New York to record. Well this list is enough to make any artist drool. I hand picked all of them and it wasn’t easy to choose.

So what are the qualifications you ask? Well there are three things that could help a studio make this list. First, the artists who recorded there in the past. Second, although “Hitsville” or Motown should of made the list, the fact that you can’t record there anymore is why it didn’t. Sun Records on the other hand still has artists recording there so it made the list. Third, if it had something unique, breathtaking, or awesome about it, then it made the list.

Top 30 Songwriting Contests

Songwriting contests are a great way for new songwriters to beef up their writing through motivation and critiques, and a great way for more experienced songwriters to gain exposure who win. It’s great social proof and a good networking tool.

Although these tools should be just one part of your plan for exposure, because the more ways you can promote your music and your songs the more ways you can create awareness of your craft. This is true not just for indie musicians touring, but for songwriters as well.

The Ultimate Top 100 Music Industry Blogs List

A couple weeks ago I posted an article called, Top 100 Music Blogs . So what’s the difference? Well Top 100 Music Blogs focused more on the actual music and reviews. In other words they were geared more toward actual music listeners where these blogs might be something you would be interested in for staying on top of changes in the industry, learning how to market your music, and learning the name of some of the key players behind the scenes.

Top 100 Music Blogs 2015 by Genre

Want to get heard by dedicated music listeners in your genre? Here’s a list of the top 100 music blogs. They’re in no particular order or sequence of being the best, but I did list them according to their genre to help you sort through them.

I added a brief description, and if you want to send a press kit or track check out their site first and maybe even try to contact a certain writer. (That is how I would do it.)

Music lovers support these sites and a pre-qualification for the list is that either they openly take submissions, or artists who aren’t necessarily on major labels are talked about on their site… I mean come on, this is “Musicians Empowered” not labels empowered.

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