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Safe and Sound ~ John 3:17

This morning I woke up trying to get back to my daily routine. Routine can be good when it’s beneficial and positive. Sometimes we mistake routine from being stuck in a rut, especially as creatives or the entrepreneurial type.

For years I’ve been away from home working as a nurse for food and shelter and living as a singer/songwriter. To me it was practicality meets dreamer. I could work doubles on weekends as a nurse and song write Monday through Friday. This was the plan before I ever entered nursing school.

I left for Nashville on a Sunday

Show Your Neighbor Love This Easter Sunday

It’s Easter Sunday, and time for Easter eggs and candy, and spending time with family. Maybe you have kids or don’t. I still remember how much fun it was waking up Easter getting a few things in my basket. One year I remember it was a tape of The Judds. Mom would get us Easter outfits to wear to church and my brother, just like with other holidays, would be stealing my candy when I wasn’t looking.

It’s funny, how as a child you…

The Dream That Changed Everything

This post isn’t for everyone. It’s extremely personal and I take it very seriously, because it was a major turning point for me in my life. I’m trusting you with this story, so if it’s for you or not for you, know that I’ll be sharing more posts like these on Sundays.

It was fall and the air was getting colder. I had just turned seventeen as a Senior in High School and like every other seventeen year old loved any excuse to get out of school. So when my Mom asked if I would like to go to ORU’s College Weekend that would get me out of school for a day, and let me hang out with college kids I was all for that. Going to a Methodist Church my whole pre-adult life on Sundays, I didn’t know much about other denominations. My Mom sat me down to tell that there might be “some praying in tongues”. Anybody who know what that is, knows it’s not really something you can tell people about and describe. Knowing already that…

The Power of Decision

The power of decision is the most powerful attribute you can have that can change your life in an instant. Decide now to follow your dreams.

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